Hello Food Fans!

Welcome to our delicious blog of all things food and drink! Hope you enjoy following our Diners,  Drive Ins and Dives mini tour. Details to follow!  And now lets start with an easy poll to get the ball rolling!



5 thoughts on “Hello Food Fans!

  1. Hi….it’s the “L” portion of K&L here…………I shall respond to this by saying that Mcdonalds French Fries are in a category of their own……………when they are hot – fresh out of the fryer – coated with a generous application of salt, they are undeniably one of the best tasting substances on this earth!……but when they sit for a while and get cold……..like the one maybe that has fallen out of the iconic french fry pouch to the bottom of your takeout bag……to be discovered after the bag has been cleared of its Big Mac contents and packaging debris……cold from neglect…………..well – a McDonalds Fry in that state becomes something else entirely……its no longer the heavenly goodness of the hot ones you were lucky enough to have stayed in the pouch……………but more something resembling cold salty deep fried pulp paper :-)…………..

    so……..are McDonalds French fries absolutely awesome?….yes they are!…..but when in posession of the popular McDonalds combo of your choice……eat the fries first 🙂


    • And this is K chiming in, and while I agree with L that McDonald’s fries are awesome hot, I also am ecstatic to find the rogue explorer fries that always seem to stowaway in the bottom of the bag once I think my food is gone and I let out a sad sigh. Though I should know by now that there will always be a couple there, I usually forget, and am always relieved to have a couple more bites… and I don’t care what condition they have ended up in: cold. misshapen, squishy… all good!
      So L dear, I will always do clean up duty on the McD bags 😀 …you’re welcome!

  2. This L’s daughter, little K here………Mcdonald’s fries are too salty and they make my tongue want to jump out of my mouth….however!……if they have vinegar on them – they are heavenly…..I love vinegar 🙂

  3. L’s sister here. Well, I agree McD’s fries when hot and fresh can be good – most of the time they are served luke warm and leave something to be desired. Nothing beats the fries Grams used to make at the farm … fresh cut and fried in some non-vege oil (lard or shortening or something)… crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – oh yeah, so so bad for you, but tastes so so good! Next best thing – fries from a Chip Truck run by Greeks – yum. I so prefer fries made from fresh potatoes over frozen 🙂

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