Wherrrrrrrre ya going to eat?


So the first leg of the trip through food paradise has been planned.  And it involves Lackawanna. Yes. Lackawanna. Who would have thought. Not me! I assure you. This is a town only known to me from many years ago, watching Commander Tom and Rocketship 7! Ah Buffalo, I hardly knew ye… and was happy with that! Proximity and great food has conspired to unite us. Fate, be gentle. We will be launching ourselves from home to the Lake Effect Diner. Not sure when we’ll get there, but we plan to be hungry! No pre arrival order ideas at this place yet… Not sure how the time will be filled until our next destination, but I’m sure the sites of upper New York state can’t possibly disappoint.  We are then off to the previously noted Lackawanna to visit the Mulberry Cafe, which surprisingly, friends have actually been to already… with good reports. I am committed to at least the gnocchi and giant meatball.  The rest is TBD.  I will then be blogging, distracted with the ache of too much fabulous pasta, from our hotel room. In Lackawanna. Morning will involve the question: “how can we keep eating like this for several days!!!???” and a trip to Pizza Junction for a beef on weck to go! Will be storing it in the handy Coleman fridge that will be our faithful travelling companion, saving us from “food warm for far too long but unable to part with so we ate it anyway and hoped for the best” illness. Then off to Grovers! We are planning on the cheeseburger soup, a burger (type undetermined) and some wings.  Watch the Youtube link if this sounds boring to you. I promise you will need a new keyboard if you don’t protect it from your slobbering.  After that visit, we roll off to Connecticut. And info will be in the next post. Are you jealous!? Happy to help followers plan their own trips 🙂 K&L


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