Second Course: Black Ducks and Hot Dogs and Dog Dogs oh my!

The next leg of the trip is supposed to begin with 2 superfoodies who are very full of Grover’s goodness! Upon exit, we will be strapping ourselves in the vehicle (L, you have seatbelt extenders of course, right?) and screaming non-stop across the states to land in Connecticut as quickly as possible… gotta see a couple about a dog! Specifically a dog that I have watched since he was born! The international beagle of mystery…  all the way from Scotland, : Merlot!

Our plan is to arrive in Norwalk, throw our stuff in the hotel room and head out for quick beagle/kid meet and greet and to deliver the hug, kiss and pet to Merlot from his godmother, rnmom. We are then heading out with Merlot’s mom and dad to the Black Duck Cafe, which helpfully is very close to their home, and on the list! Details of the actual evening’s events are meant to be kept top secret… like Vegas… or Colonel Sander’s 11 herbs and spices… especially since there may be karaoke involved… there, I’ve said too much already!

Then back to hotel land, where we will hope for the strength to get out of bed and go on to stuff ourselves silly another day. Exact details of this day are still as murky as miso soup, but should involve a visit to the Valencia and/or Super Duper WeenieO’Rourke’s is also a possibility, but at any rate, we will be departing for Salem at some point in the day for the next thumb tack on the Triple D map.

K&L 🙂


4 thoughts on “Second Course: Black Ducks and Hot Dogs and Dog Dogs oh my!

  1. Ok…completely bored at 8:30 on this nasty lonely Monday morning..went looking for my update so I can live life completely through you two because I do nothing adventurous or even remotely out of my comfort zone. Of course I never put it beyond myself to actually have the date wrong of departure and first dine. Please don’t leave me hanging on the edge 🙂 Please include all your uncomfortable too fullness so I can get the full range of the experience!

    • Awwwwww……..Melissa!…………it saddens us both too much to stand it to read of such a forlorn Monday morning post!……we have sent a limo to come pick you up…….it’ll be there in 5 hours…..we’ll see you in 10 hours 🙂

      L writing on behalf of K&L

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