Mulberry Delight

Leaving Mulberry Cafe with our Loot!Next  up! Mulberry Café! Reservations for 6 pm and we made it right on time since it was only ½ a kilometer from the hotel.  They were happy to have us go to the bar for a drink if we wanted to, or go directly to our table. Opted for table and we were led through the lively front area to a quieter red room with lots of pics of rat pack celebs etc.  We had a small table for 2 (which was strained for room with all we eventually ordered).  Our waitress , Alanna (who definitely contributed to how much we enjoyed our visit), came right over, and  we got to work on some gin and tonics, and put in an order for the stuffed banana peppers and caprese made with homemade mozzarella (OMG) … and then warned her that we planned to in fact close the place!

Appetizers arrived… and were quickly consumed, while simultaneously trying hard to savour the deliciousness … they were fantastic! The cheese makes any mozzarella you think you’ve had in the past pure myth… you did NOT eat mozzarella… trust me. The sausage stuffed banana peppers… masterpieces of spice, flavour, and mystery crunch. We took an order out with us (generously made after the kitchen should have been closed: thanks Alanna and chefs!) to have the crunchy substance analyzed and identified! But we will probably eat it long before that happens 😀

Oh forgot to mention that we were enjoying a bottle of Ripasso, a perfect compliment.  And next up, dinner! Delivered a bit later since we were in no rush.  We went with the gnocchi that surrounded a single monster meatball  and the lasagna of the day, which had pork, veal, meatballs, mushrooms, I can’t possibly remember what else! Both dishes were photographed, and then launched upon. We didn’t stand a chance of finishing! Again though, the quality and flavour was so impressive!  Saved a bit of room to try the tiramisu, and had to have another bottle of wine to round out the evening. The ripasso was so good, we just got the same again.  Only slight disappointment for me was that the tiramisu, which is one of my favourite desserts, had a slight orange flavour which most people don’t mind and may in fact prefer, but I am not a fan of, so not so much bad as not my taste…. L however loved it! Especially the chocolate chunks on top!

So as the place was being torn apart and cleaned up, we got the subtle hint that it was time to go. We took our leftover loot and stuffed peppers to go and off we went back to the hotel and kept commenting on how amazing the Mulberry had been!  Monday holds a lunchtime visit to Grover’s, and then off on the marathon drive to Connecticut and the Black Duck and friends!

K&L 😀
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4 thoughts on “Mulberry Delight

  1. Mount lasagna looks fantastic, attempt in August possible, will bring climbing forks and an extra Crestor… Getting baked in Florida, no triple D locations within 50 miles 😦

    Surviving on seafood and salad…

    • Do your best to survive the seafood and salad haha. It was in the 90s here in Salem last night, the Lobster Shanty was boiling! Get it? Lobster…boiling! I recommend you make it in August at least to Mulberry, it is worth the trek. Enjoy Florida… and not being at work.

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