The Lake Effect … Effect!

Success! After starting the day with the very familiar egg mcmuffin, we drove to our first destination in about 3 hours to arrive at the Lake Effect Diner and it was everything we expected and hoped for! We had a short wait where we debated hotly on whether to sit at the counter or a table, as there was a very slight wait for the table (place was steadily packed the whole time). We opted for cozy corner table, if there is such a thing in a long, skinny can of a diner.

Service was very friendly and efficient by Lindley as well as the manager, who appeared to have no affiliation with the previous owners who were on the actual show (as he confirmed staunchly later when I took a pic of the “Guy ate here” logo “I had nothing to do with this!”)

We went with the show menu: breakfast with their own cured smoked ham (red eye gravy of course!), side of their own apple smoked bacon, eggs and a side of sour dough toast that is irresistable! We also had the haddock, Italian style, with a side of grilled mac and cheese and onion rings…. mac and cheese is great… grilled mac and cheese can be used as a serious bribe! And then there was the simple glass of orange juice, made by a machine that chews up and spits out orange juice in the squirt of an eye and is like no other you’ve had. Everything was simple, yet spectacular. What a great start to the journey. We could not have been more excited to get to our next stop after such a magnificent start.  We are on to the Mulberry in Lackawanna! Take a look at our other pics from Lake Effect!Lake Effect Diner Deliciousness

Guy ate here logo

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4 thoughts on “The Lake Effect … Effect!

  1. mmmm, sour dough bread! gonna have to pick up some for the cottage, count down starts, 5 more sleeps till cottage and some T-bones on the BBQ with mum and the k-bomb.

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