Wherrrrrrrrrre’s the next post???

Sorry about the lack of updates. We have clearly been having too much food and fun and not as much time in the hotels as  originally expected. However a long car ride today will give lots of time to write up the last 2 days events! Soooo if there is wifi on the way, will post on the way to Ottawa, but if not, will post as soon as we arrive later this evening! Stay tuned! We’ve had some spectacular food and fun. K&L 😀


2 thoughts on “Wherrrrrrrrrre’s the next post???

  1. Just so you guys know you are not making my week tolerable at all 🙂 Still waiting for my limo that never seems to arrive. I hope you are able to save some of that wonderful food for hammy. Like another poster I am counting down to cottage time on Sunday and there will be no yummy food. As I eat whatever I can grab out of a fridge I will keep your food photo visions in my head and with enough beverages maybe I will convince myself it is fun and yummy! Happy you both are having such a good time and can’t wait to hear the details of the rest of the trip

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