Connecticut Connections!

With a lighter meal consumed than expected (tacos were not quite Mighty), we started to make our way to Connecticut, for friends, pets, and the Black Duck. The over 7 hour journey was quite uneventful and we only made 2 quick stops. We arrived at the hotel just before 8 and quickly got ready, while throwing back a wine shooter (we wanted to get on our way fast!) It was quite a warm night out. Grabbed a cab and headed to Sammys place where on arrival we had a very enthusiastic greeting from everyone! People and kids and doggies at the door. Sammys boys were looking forward to the new visitors apparently and were perched on the chairs in front of their window looking out for us. They are sweethearts and showed us their artwork and told us stories about all of the pets, including the famous Merlot beagle. It was great to finally see everyone in person and special to get to pet one of the many beagles that I have spent countless hours watching online.

With pictures taken, we then headed out to the Black Duck! It is a very casual comfortable place where it already feels like you could have been there many times before. Sammys warned us about the slanted floor when you walk in and sure enough, it was… but mysterious it seemed quite flat when we left many hours (and beverages) later. Go figure.

Wine was our beverage choice for the night, Sammys and her husband N, had margaritas and beer. The food was a round of burgers and wings, no need to get fancy.  The burgers were stuffed, one with blue cheese, one with pepperjack cheese, fries, onion rings, and wings… standard, but wonderful bar food. Here’s where my little memory problem with the rest of the night kicks in: karaoke. And the beverages needed to get you to do it. Let’s just say I sang a lot (and thanks to Lee the karaoke host with the most). The night was a blast with far too many unfood related pictures snapped. As I said to the waitress at the beginning of the night “we are closing the restaurant” and we did. It ended with chairs up on tables and someone, who seemed to have the authority to do so, shouting “get out of my bar”.

Was the night over? NO! We were invited into Sammys and N’s place to share more drinks and doggie time… and the cats came to investigate the strange Canadians too. Merlot snuggled up to L, we had many more laughs and libations and then N was kind enough to take us back to our hotel. It was 4:48. AM.  That says it all. A great time with great people! Thanks Sammys and N and boys (M and N). Hope we get to see you again some time. K&L 😀


6 thoughts on “Connecticut Connections!

  1. Now that was a meeting of some wonderful people all around. Good food and lots of drinks, a little song or two from Kelly. Nothing but great things said about you and L. And I know how much Merlot means to you too. Lots of puppy love from Sammy and Merlot as well as the boys. Great memories ! The food makes your mouth water…yummmy.

  2. Oh you don’t know how much I want to pet Merlot! At least I get my puppy fix that I haven’t had this week 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful time and the food….completely up my alley…my mouth is watering after the nasty plain tea biscuit this am.

  3. Happy Birthday K!!!!!!! What to hear about your trip! Thank you so much for the blog! I want one of my dear Tia Mela’s empanaditas now. The food all sounds so good, and you got to meet Merlot & family! Hard to get better than that!

    • Thanks Greg! Loved keeping the blog, it is fun for us to look back at too, it all gets to be a bit of a blur! And Merlot and family were a highlight of the trip for sure! I recommend a trip like this to anyone who loves food and can sit for hours and hours in a car non stop and not kill each other haha!

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