Diners Drive-Ins Dives….. and Disappointments :(

Monday morning found us up and excited about one of the most anticipated stops on our tour: Grover’s. We packed up, and headed out for the ½ hour drive and as we pulled in, a little white sign on the door caught my eye…. Oh ya and the empty parking lot. L hopped out and went to investigate. Much to my, well our, shock and sadness, the sign stated that they were in fact closed that week for holiday. Rookie mistake not calling before we went. The reality set in, NO cheeseburger soup for you! Or wings or burgers….

We decided to swallow our bitter disappointment and being on a bit of a schedule, since we were eager to get going to Connecticut, we ate at: Mighty Taco. It was definitely no Grover’s, but at least it was open and fit our timing. Later in the trip, we also realized that Grover’s is only about 2 ½ hours from home, so we’ll try to make a day trip of it and go back…. But we’ll definitely call first. K&L 😀


2 thoughts on “Diners Drive-Ins Dives….. and Disappointments :(

  1. A national lampoon moment for sure, why didn’t you go buy a gun??? Might inspire a new dish, “the meltdown”.

  2. oh yes! – brilliant reference! – totally felt like Clark Grizwold when we showed up there…….and verrrrrry disappointed – I REALLY wanted to try that Cheeseburger soup!!!

    I think this video accurately depicts K’s and my reaction 🙂 (could be some “strong” language on this link)


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