Hangover Town: Table for 2

A few hours after going to bed it was time to get up, not our preference, but the pesky hotel wants you to leave by noon. We made it out slightly after 12 and ready to see if food was going to make everything better like it usually does 😀 We headed out to the Valencia, just a few miles from the hotel. It was in a very quaint area of town and equally quaint and small on the inside, and packed with people.  We were able to grab a table for two and then studied the delicious menu of Venezuelan dishes. Service was fast, friendly and helpful.  We decided immediately on beverages, I got a monster fresh squeezed oj and L got a banana, milk and ice concoction called a Batidos, which despite the simplicity of the ingredients was like nothing I have tasted before. It was so creamy and had such fresh banana flavor. If you ever get the chance, try one.

For food, we finally settled on empanadas (cheeseburger and cubano) and arepas (chorizo with homemade mozzarella and shredded beef) the plates came with rice and beans, fried plantain, avocado wedge and ceviche. We also got an order of yucca fries. There is no other word to describe the food but spectacular.  We ate as much as we could and added generous squeezes from the giant bottle on the table of a cilantro based sauce called Guasacaca.  There was also a chipotle sauce that was tasty, but we were in love with the green stuff.  We left some rice and beans behind, but picked up some empanadas and sauce to go, and were on our way.

But not before hitting one more highly recommended place: Super Duper Weenie!

We made a quick trip to grab just one single dog to try it, much to the confusion of the young order taker who, when told we would like one Chicagoan dog said “That’s it??”  That’s it. And we took that dog back to the car, sat in our seats, and ate it like animals. It truly was the best hot dog I have ever tasted. Delicious bun holding a grilled wiener that had the most amazing flavor and juiciness, covered in shredded dark lettuce, hot relish, tomatoes, a pickle and celery salt. As we drove off, we were grateful that we live nowhere near this place or we’d be there every day. Only wish we had room for more, but thrilled that we went there despite just having finished lunch. Triple D tours are not for lightweights! K&L 😀
Valencia Luncheria on Urbanspoon


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