Walking in a Witchy Wonderland

Next stop: Salem! Where most people go to be scared, we just went there to eat.  Try finding a hotel there that doesn’t bill itself as haunted. I asked L to please find the least haunted one. As far as I know, he did. After the drive the day before, the journey to Salem seemed too easy, till we hit the traffic jam that set us back an hour. We weren’t in too much of a hurry though so it wasn’t too distressing. The town itself is interesting with lots of pedestrian type walk areas and of course the whole haunted, witch, magic theme everywhere.  The weather was hot and humid with the temp well into the 90s which according to the woman who checked us in said is unusual for Salem. Off to our room we went and got settled and made a quick call to the Lobster Shanty, yes, it was open, no, they don’t even take reservations, they serve food till 10.  We relaxed for about half an hour with a drink and then got ready and headed out. Turns out the Shanty was a very short walk from the hotel.

So it is definitely a shanty! Wee little place with screen doors and a long narrow outdoor patio area.  As we went to go inside, a man (who obviously works there or manages there, or owns there) says “you don’t want to go in there” and about 2 feet into the door you know why. And according to the sign on the wall, if I say how hot it was in there, I have to give the bartender $5, so let’s just leave it at that. Oh I can say that there was no air conditioning. I think that’s free. So back to the patio we went. They had open mike and lots of very interesting acts performed some songs and some spoken word pieces and one that a girl had written in the last half hour sitting there at her table and it was surprisingly great.  Definitely added to the enjoyment and overall experience.

Okay on to the food stuff! I had to have a lobstertini with the claw garnish. It was exactly as I thought it would be and it smelled like the ocean. L confirmed that this was in fact true, it DID smell like the ocean. L had the drink special, sangria and it was tasty too.  We ordered the fried homemade mozzarella and deep fried mac and cheese balls to start. Sooo delicious. The cheese was 3 huge lightly breaded slabs with marinara sauce and fresh basil and the mac and cheese balls were battered, crunchy goodness.

Onto dinner… I had the lobster roll that I had been longing for, with a side of clam chowder.  L had the pulled pork sandwich and a side of sweet potato chips.  The lobster roll was overflowing with so much lobster that was tender and tasty and the roll was toasted and buttery. L had never had clam chowder before, but the trouper and superfoodie he is, of course he had some… and liked it.  We both tried the pork sandwich and with all of these places we have visited, it is amazing how good the food is when it is all done from scratch.  We liked everything so much that we ordered another dinner: marinated steak tips. We tried a bit…melt in your mouth char crust on outside and soft rare middle. We packaged up the rest to take with us.

Finally we went in to buy some swag, but they were almost out of everything.  We picked up a couple of shirts, paid and were on our way back to the hotel, full of Lobster Shanty food and fun. What a memorable evening. K&L 😀


3 thoughts on “Walking in a Witchy Wonderland

  1. I can’t believe you had some clam chowder B! Love the face! Now that steak looks goooooood. I’m so hungry. You guys look like you are having loads of fun!

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