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Kiddo and her man and FNS BURGERS!

So better late than never here I suppose! We did finish up the official Triple D tour with a stop in Ottawa. (We later added up the trip mileage of the 5 days to discover it was about a 2500 km tour!) We arrived late, almost 10 pm, but couldn’t resist sharing the prized contents of the trusty Coleman cooler… our faithful companion throughout the trip (that L hauled in and out of each hotel room in order to keep the bounty safe and cold).  Myself, L, my daughter and her boyfriend all shared a little bit of everything we had (lasagna, meatball, sausage stuffed banana peppers, empanadas, guasacaca sauce, yucca fries, beef tips… the bacon and ham from Lake Effect did not stand a chance in the hotel room in Salem just before we set out). It was a delicious mini sample of our trip and was very well received!
The next day found us up for more food adventures of course. We headed out to Father and Sons, better known as FNS, to try the original inspiration for one of my favourite home time burgers, the TEX MEX! A delicious burger on what appeared to be an egg burger bun of sorts and covered in cheddar, salsa and guacamole. We ordered the requisite Strongbows (cider beverage, looks like beer, tastes less sweet than a cooler) and lots of burgers.  Tex Mex, Arizona (which had jalapenos, cheese, bacon, some spicy chipolte mayo, and other yummy items) some sweet potato skinny, crunchy fries and onion rings. We also ordered some deep fried pickles to start that were standard and crunchy, scalding, delicious, which came with regular fries tucked under them so no complaints there!
Burgers arrived and I instantly noticed that the bun was now a very pedestrian sesame seed product you get in many places, and my dreamy memory of the tex mex was shattered, as I noticed again what appeared to now be a standard pattie and a light amount of toppings. We actually ordered another guacamole to add to the burgers. It still did not measure up to my fond memories of the other 2 times that I was lucky enough to have had one. Oh well, I still make them at home, and they are spectacular, so I owe the FNS gratitude for the idea.  The Arizona burger was much more flavourful with the jalapenos, bacon etc. and the sweet potato fries/sticks were the best I’ve ever had, so not a total bust! I would recommend FNS as a standard, reliable place to grab some pub food.

After lunch we found ourselves full and trying to wander through the hot streets to get back to the apartment.  Tried to shop, but just too full! And let’s be honest, we had to rest up for dinner. We went to the Sitar on Rideau Street, where we had been for the lunch buffet on a previous visit.  
We ordered lots of dishes! Samosas, pakuras, beef vindaloo (we were asked if we knew it was hot, we said we sure did), chicken masala, naan, paratha, rice and an order of chicken biryani. A couple of accompaniments of lime pickle and raita and of course a nice bottle of red wine (a Zinfandel) rounded out the order.

Everything was delicious, including the poppadums provided at the start. The vindaloo was hot! We are all hot food eaters, but this was uncommonly hot based on comparisons with lots of other vindaloos I have eaten at many other places, it was however, delicious. Just meant we had to eat it a bit slower than usual. There was enough to package up and make a snack out of when we got back home, a final tasty end a couple of days later to the entire saga.  Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of the Indian food fest this time. I don’t even know why… maybe it was the 2 large fish in the aquarium intimidating me… and by the looks of it, each other. For this one you will just have to conjure up the images on your own. I will make sure to snap in the future! But the next and last day in Ottawa, we had lamb burger business at Patty Bolan’s to take care of!

Lunch before leaving was to be another attempt at revisiting a fond memory for me, the lamb stilton burger I had tried there a year before. We again started with the ever requested Strongbows all around, and got to ordering.  The burger was gone! But they did still have a lamb burger with Guinness cheddar so I went with that and the chicken gumbo soup.  L got a beef tenderloin sandwich on ciabatta with fries, and the starving student getting a free lunch went with a beef boxty and salad.  Everything arrived in it’s tasty glory and we set about splitting the burger and sandwich. Not as good on the lamb burger as before, just like the FNS letdown (maybe my memory is the real problem!) but still a good choice, and the sandwich was very fresh and flavourful.  Boxty looked amazing, like a giant meat filled crepe covered in gravy! Everyone was happy with their decisions so I would definitely recommend a visit to Patty Bolan’s if you find yourself in the Ottawa Market area.
So that’s it! We packed up and headed west… looking forward to more food adventures that we will keep posting! Next up: the one and only Buffalo Wild Wing in all of Canada… for now….
K&L 😀


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