Wing Wing… Hello?

Server Lori at Buffalo Wild WingsWelcome to the first post trip… post! We are HUGE wing fans and take every opportunity to talk about them, find them, order them, cook them, eat them… you get the point. It turns out that the first, and currently only, franchise of the American chain Buffalo Wild Wings opened in our area.  I promised L that I would wait and we would go there together for the inaugural visit.  But I didn’t wait :-/. L took the news like a (disappointed) champ.  Liking my first visit very much, he and I went the other day when the wings were on special for 55 cents each.  We sat in the bar area and I remarked how great a venue this place would be to watch a sporting event. Very wide open and TVs surrounding the place. We were then greeted by Lori (hope I’m spelling that right!) with whom we had funny and interesting discussions on many topics throughout our visit. She ALMOST made me forget that they don’t carry Strongbow… yet! If you are visiting definitely sit in her area if you want great service and a laugh.

L enjoying Buffalo Wild Wings

We ordered 10 wings each (they are delicious, crispy and NOT breaded thank goodness, but are not jumbo as noted on some other review sites that I have viewed), but no fries etc., we told Lori we are on a diet! I’m not sure why, but I think she rolled her eyes and laughed! Wings arrived, and were hot and crispy, we got our sauces (jerk and hot) on the side and all was exactly as we love it. I also learned that you can specify all flatties or all drummies if you have a serious preference (I like flatties and L likes drummies so it usually works out great for us). The jerk sauce was good, but it had a bit of sweetness to it that I have not had in a jerk sauce before.  The hot sauce was hot, with nice buttery tone to it. It was all so very good that we had to order 10 more each… we tried to go with 5 each , but we were persuaded to get 10, since they are fine with taking discount wings home! But those extra wings didn’t stand a chance (did I mention that we are on a diet for our getaway down south in the not too distant future???) . Side fact, they have a great, inexpensive lunch menu as well with pulled pork sliders, cheeseburger sliders, etc. and the dinner menu looked great too.

We also had a chat with the manager and he said that in August, a new Buffalo Wild Wings will be opening in Guelph. I’m sure if our experience was any indication, they will be very welcome all over Canada! Looking forward to a return visit… to try the salads of course!

K&L 😀
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2 thoughts on “Wing Wing… Hello?

  1. I know this is a very late reply but I was on vacation as you know without any fancy food but LLlll…is very good at making me my meat and potatos that I adore. Mostly the reason I felt the need to reply to this post is I wanted to say nah nah na nah nah L…..I believe I was the one who K cheated on you with…trying this place first. So take that for not sending the Limo like you promised!

  2. yes you WERE the “other” foodie that K cheated on me with!!!…………let this be a lesson to me to not tease Melissa ever again 🙂

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