Guasa what what???

Last night I made my second attempt at making guasacaca sauce, the delicious green sauce that we had at the Valencia Luncheria in Connecticut.  We put that guasacaca on everything! First attempt was okay… in my opinion… but L was giving huge thumbs up! He must have been telling the truth, because it didn’t last very long. Which brought me to making batch 2, partly because batch 1 was finished so quickly and partly to see if I could perfect the taste a bit more.

So here is the recipe:  I will say that I up the red wine vinegar to at least half a cup and the second time used a fresh bottle of olive oil that was billed to have a lighter taste than standard olive oil. I also added some jalapenos from a jar, but fresh would be better I think. This sauce has been a hit with every single person who has tried it and seems to go with so much! We even put some on corn, which appears to be made for it. It is also a great compliment to any meat so far. Try it out!

K&L 😀


3 thoughts on “Guasa what what???

  1. Don’t tell K but little K and I have been hoarding it in my fridge so K will continue to make more:-)….cause we put that @&$! On everything!!!!!!


  2. I had the opportunity to try this during a very yummy lunch at K’s house earlier this week. Most know that if it looks funny or if it is not a standard meat and potatos product I am a complete sceptic that I will like it. Lets be honest…anything that looks like that (green pasty…well looks a little like something i would have fed my girls when they had no teeth) I have almost talked myself into not liking it before I have even tried it. K had put this on the table after lunch was almost consumed because she was so busy creating and serving and hosting the most beautiful lunch and had forgotten. Well I certainly couldn’t pass up an opportunity to eat more fresh bread even though I was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey so I gave it a go. Absolutely delicious!!! I will sending the recipe that is posted to LLll…to see if will arrive on my table one day 🙂

    • You are always a trooper on the food trials, and for someone who thinks Wendy’s chili is “spicy” you did great with the good shake of cayenne that I put in the chicken. Glad you enjoyed the guasacaca, and Llll, once you try it, I’m sure you will want to make a batch!

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