Your new favourite treat!

At this point, I feel that I have perfected the creation of the banana batidos, just like we had at the Valencia Luncheria. Simple, delicious, good for you….. I’m going to tell you how to make them for yourself, but don’t be fooled by the lack of complicated ingredients, they create a glass of banana love! (of course you should like bananas to appreciate this, otherwise just skip the rest of this post… unless you know a banana lover, and then read on… and then surprise them with one!) Okay here goes:

5 ice cubes (mine are from fridge ice maker, if using ice cubes from tray, maybe 4, you’ll figure it out!)

1 medium banana with some brown spotting on it (I have not tried with a completely yellow banana, but again, your tastes may be different)  I’m sure you could add some different fruit if you want, but I would keep the banana, it is probably what makes the consistency so smooth and milkshake like.

4 oz if whole milk (give or take)

I throw it all in the blender and just keep it blending on high until it is very smooth.  That’s it! Pour in a glass and enjoy, you will be surprised at how totally delicious it is.


2 thoughts on “Your new favourite treat!

  1. I will be trying to create this on the weekend for the girls and will update to let you know how it goes over. Unfortunately I don’t like milk so I can’t try this one. I looked at the remaining 2 bananas and by tomorrow they should be like K describes. Instead of throwing them out… because bananas are only good for 1 day in my house when they reach that special green, yellow colour and then nobody will even touch them let alone eat them!

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