This is NOT a diet site!

*Even though L and I are on diets for the upcoming Aruba trip!*

We have been at the workout, cut back on food game, since returning from the Triple D adventure… and the weight hasn’t budged much, so we have embarked on Atkins since Monday. We follow it fairly well, but still include a vodka/soda cocktail or glass of wine or two. Here was the inaugural dinner of the day: fresh ground lamb burger from my favourite local butcher shop, loaded with Moroccan spice mix from Epicure and fresh garlic, topped with tomato, onion, tzatziki, fresh, crumbly blue cheese and for fun, sprinkled with a bit of ground beef crumble.  What a delicious way to go! We have both lost 4 pounds each so far, and have continued to eat well and workout. Full speed ahead, Cajun blackened salmon for dinner tonight. Try the recipe in the link for yourself!

K&L 😀


One thought on “This is NOT a diet site!

  1. its working!!!!!!…L is down 10 lbs!!!!!!!!!!…..K is down too and looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!

    and….we’ve been eating bacon and buttery things

    but I do believe I might have a coronary if I see another perogie being eaten in proximity to my eyes :-0


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