You can so cook!

So here is my youngest kiddo, who has always claimed to not be able to cook, and has actually proven it on some occassions… BUT, she made a GREAT dinner for me before heading back to school. Not only was it great, but on the fly, she had to adjust it for my Atkins diet world, and it couldn’t have been better! Dinner was a stuffed green pepper accompanied by a vegetable curry soup.

The pepper was stuffed with ground beef, a bit of salsa, onion, hot banana peppers, and topped with a shredded Cajun cheese blend that I had never seen before. Plate decorated with hot sauce and a couple of jalapeno pepper rings.  It was so good! Will be adding to the Atkins repertoire for sure! And the soup! From scratch and also low carb, a blend of celery, onion, (one) carrot, cauliflower, chicken broth a dash of cream and curry, then blended after cooking. She did change the original recipe slightly, but still excellent, kind of a pea soup consistency, and so many ways to change it when carbs are back on the planet. (L will try the leftover soup when he is back from vacation.) So it would have been wonderful if it ended there… but… she also cleaned up! Life’s Good!

K&L 😀


2 thoughts on “You can so cook!

  1. I am sooooo upset that I missed this meal!!!!!……..I’ll be talking K into making this again!…..thanks big /little L for bringing this fabulously glorious acoutrement into our Atkins repertoire 🙂


  2. yes apparently i cant cook is no longer a phrase i can use..well sometimes haha but i am truly sad that you missed the actual dinner great summer with you both!

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