Brave Little K

And superfoodies is back from a bit of a hiatus! Not from eating of course! Just from writing.  Lots to post from the last couple of months… starting with L’s little K, who is a brave food tester, maybe the bravest I know in kidland. There is no begging, or lengthy convincing… just some encouragement and off she goes. So on that note, we first had her try escargot. Not just any escargot, but I found a recipe that is supposed to taste like the Keg escargot recipe that L and I had enjoyed there a week or so before. (note I did not add the egg, capers, gherkins, anchovies or onion and it was still just like the Keg’s). After a brief pause to perhaps ponder why anyone, including her, should eat this, she took the plunge! Before:

And After!:

She didn’t hate it (really just a lot of butter, garlic and cheese with bread for dipping), but only one was eaten. Certainly admire the willingness to try though! Which brings us to the next “experiment” with little K: LOBSTER! and butter, and lemon, and garlic! L had not really eaten lobster either, but no medals for adults who try new foods! Okay so the pictures say it all… Before:

And After!:

Ohhhh not a fan!!!!! But always a trouper! Love having you along for the superfoodie ride when we can little K!!! The leftover butter, garlic and lemon dip for the lobster however was put to great use, the topic of the next post, L and my new signature martini! Stay tuned for the delicious details! Also coming up: Aruba superfoodie times. All posts coming as soon as I can type them over the next few days. Hope you enjoy!

K&L 😀


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