The Buttertini is REAL!

ButtertiniOkay, so while we were enjoying Little K’s reactions on fear factor food night awhile back, we had some leftover lemon garlic butter from the lobster… and what better than to combine delicious buttery goodness with another favourite treat: alcohol!  So that’s exactly what we did… after googling to see if anyone else had beaten us to the weirdness 🙂 .  Turns out I could find no other internet indication of it’s existence (that didn’t involve butterSCOTCH) so onward we went. Used the butter remnants which, as mentioned, had lovely fresh squeezed lemon and fresh garlic in the mix, and combined it with Ketel One Vodka… the smoothest vodka I know (save your Grey Goose pleadings, I am a Ketel One convert! But use whatever high quality vodka is your preference.)

Mix a 1/2 to 3/4 ounce of the butter mixture, and again, the ratio of lemon, butter and garlic is up to your taste, with 1 to 1.5 ounces of vodka, which needs to be warm room temp if not a little warmer to keep the butter in a melted form.  No crushed ice in the shaker for this drink! Just shake well and pour! I would definitely serve it with some shrimp, crab or lobster for a tasty side of the glass accent to nibble while you consume. Hopefully you’ve stopped thinking “ew” by now and will give it a try… we dare ya!

K&L 😀


Aruba and the return to superfoodies updates!

Oh what a long break from superfoodies this has been! Not a break from superfoodie-ing, just the writing about it! So where to start.  The trip to Aruba in October seems like the place to pick up…KLBugaloe
We set off on our vacation with a list of places in mind, some old, some new, some of course that we found along the way.
For brevity, I will try and briefly recap the foodie highlights: We arrived on Saturday and it was getting close to dinner time, so our first selection, preplanned, was the Taj Mahal, where I had been before. A very few cosmetic changes, but same as it was years ago. Can I remember exactly what was consumed? NO! 😀 But safe to say the usual faves: peas pulao rice, paratha (my favourite Indian bread and now L’s too), chicken dishes, a beef curry and always red wine.  Always a good meal, no complaints, would recommend.The Bugaloe Bar and Grill, right on the beach outside our hotel, affectionately called “the pier” by L and I, and also the place where L wanted to propose, but friendly people who wanted us to take their pic interrupted his surprise, and he had to nervously wait to do it another time. We spent most nights there having a late night cocktail (usually wine for me, and for L, sangria) and a few mornings sharing a gorgeous crab sandwich and some banana daquiris for “breakfast”. What a life!Aruba Daquiris
Aruba Crab Sandwich
Aruba Snackys
We did eventually switch to Snacky’s. A little mini hut on the sidewalk where we would share an empanada, an arepas, and a banana batidos for breakfast for the second half of the week.

Aruba PapillonAruba PapillonOther notables were Papillon, with Raymond our excellent waiter and one of the most incredible tasting lobster bisques I have EVER had!

The Driftwood, the must go to place whenever you ask a resident where you should eat. I swear someone is paying them to say it, BUT, the food is worth it. L had delicious, fresh crab and is now hooked on the stuff.  Also loved the little fishy forks and knives.Aruba Driftwood

Smokey Joes, where we had the Big Joe, billed as Aruba’s largest burger and we have to say, we were pleasantly surprised by the truth in advertising, as you can see for yourself!

Aruba Smokey JoesAruba Smokey Joes

Iguana Joes in town had the most delicious sangria on the whole island, roughly served from a large plastic container that probably previously contained mustard or something! Funny, odd, and tasty enough to down 2 each.

We also found ourselves at Burger King one late night where we encountered a selection that seems unique to the Aruba location, or maybe just not North American: the curiously and unappetizingly named “cheese disc”! It could be added to your burger and it is a burger sized wheel of cheese, battered and fried. Delicious… I bet it isn’t good for you though, and maybe not even an actual dairy product, who knows, but I’d still recommend you get it if you happen to see it in a Burger King near you! It gave L the courage to propose in the hotel room, after we stuffed ourselves with the BK loot 😀 oh, and I said YES of course! How romantic haha! But it WAS perfect.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Amazonia, authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, Churrascaria, with skilled gauchos and spectacular waiters… or as L and I call it: paradise. It also includes a massive salad bar (that name doesn’t do it justice, it’s huge and has many items besides salads of every flavour,  such as soups, some meat dishes etc.)  We went twice, first on L’s birthday, which was a Monday, so a bit quieter and the meat selection is slightly less, but the service spectacular as always, and once again at the end of the trip,on a weekend night, when they have some extra meat selections, and a more lively atmosphere. The idea is you get a little green/red uh, thingie? indicator? on your table. When you turn green side up, you are swarmed with gauchos bearing long spears of meats, ready to carve for you as you grab the slices with your little set of tongs.  Then turn it to red and enjoy your selections… and then green again for the next round etc… you get the idea.  It’s fantastic!

So that about sums up the trip, and we can’t wait to go back for some old and new adventures in the sun… and by that time, we will officially be Mr. and Mrs. superfoodies!
But of course check in for more regular updates now!

K&L 😀