What happens at Rama stays at Rama

…mostly…except for this post! So we said we gotta get out more and that’s what we did.  After seeing Seinfeld on Friday night in Toronto (he was GREAT, hilarious from start to finish, see his show if you get a chance) we stumbled across a vodka bar, downtown while searching for a quick post show drink.  If you are a fan of the product, check out Pravda. Interesting decor, and the knowledgeable servers will set you up with something interesting to try if you feel adventurous.  I particularly enjoyed the Reyka and will likely pick some up as a change from Ketel One.

Now onto Casino Rama times! The next night we had tickets to see Amanda Marshall. As is becoming tradition, we booked to go to St. Germain’s restaurant in the casino. We usually like to book early, but could only get a table for 7:30 with the show starting at 9.  I thought it would be cutting it close and it turns out I was unfortunately right. Anyway, we were seated at our now favourite table: 46, which is in a corner and provides a bit more privacy than the other tables seem to.  When our waiter arrived, we realized it was Michael, who had served us the last time we were there. He assures us that next time, he will remember us!

St. Germain's FoodWe mostly had our choices planned out, as we are always watching what we eat now, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain and uninteresting! We ordered the scallops and lobster bisque to start.  Scallop dish was different than last time, but WOW still just as delicious and surprisingly, they were sitting on a thick slab of double smoked bacon.  They were just as soft and perfectly cooked as the last time.  The bisque was also a treat. So rich tasting and not something we have often, so another rewarding choice.  We were also enjoying a bottle of Amarone wine… always an excellent selection to compliment fabulous food. After that we had ordered prime rib (with just vegetables, no starch), but as I mentioned, time was getting tight and the food arrived about 10 minutes before show time, so we wolfed it! Not the most comfortable way to eat a full dinner, but superfoodies persevered. I was however wearing a new white blazer and well, splashing meat is not your friend in such times.

Amanda Marshall at Casino RamaWe raced off to the show, she did start slightly late luckily for us, and she was spectacular! One of the best shows I have seen and her voice is beyond compare… I can’t do it justice, you will just have to go and see her if you ever get the chance! After the show we had some beverages with friends and after they left, I saw the mane of hair that gives her away instantly… Amanda Marshall was just relaxing in the lounge, and stayed there the whole evening.  We were lucky to get a pic with her (I was very excited to be able to say hello and how much we enjoyed the show!) Also enjoyed “a few” beverages and an interesting chat with drummer Al and pal Gary. What a fantastic night! And of course the rest of the night stays between superfoodies and Rama!

K&L 😀


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