Old Homestead TartareThis post finds the superfoodies just beyond midnight on the first day in Vegas, after consuming delicious beverages (usually some combo of vodka and soda or wine), and roaming about, looking for a “snack”.  Oh and also not looking to wander too far from the hotel, which was Caesar’s. We had passed the Old Homestead Steakhouse a few times in our explorations, and the bar area sort of sits just off the walkways. L and I have discovered that we like to eat at the bar, chat with the bartender, get good, fast service etc. So in we went and sat down.  Vodka and wine ordered, we had a look at the menu and decided on Steak Tartare and Applewood Smoked Bacon. OH what a delicious combo to share! Just love the raw steak, the crisp little cracker/bread sticks and a little bite of delicious thick bacon. The perfect snack, and great, fun service. So enjoyable, in fact, that we went back another night for the same order.  No new choices, we just really loved this combination of flavours and the satisfied, yet not stuffed feeling that it provided.  After looking at the menu, there were probably alot of other fantastic things we would have tried. Yes, the prices are high, but I’m sure they count on people just saying “that’s Vegas” and that was absolutely our opinion too, so score one for Vegas I guess. But score again for us on the restraint on portions etc. but still loving what we had! Nothing wrong with staying lean and feeling great on the honeymoon!

K&L 😀
Old Homestead Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


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