We couldn’t bypass the Heart Attack Grill!

Nurse Brianna Heart Attack GrillFinally, here is our post about the heavily anticipated visit to the Heart Attack Grill. We wanted to get there fairly early into the trip so that we wouldn’t run out of time and miss it, so we set out by cab to Fremont Street, located in the older area of Vegas (cab cost close to $30, would have been smarter to have figured out public transit!)

There it was in front of us! The huge entrance, the massive scale out front, broadcasting your weight to everyone if you dared to step up! (of course L did… and he wants it noted that he had heavy things in his pockets).  It would also verify the weight of anyone claiming to be over 350 lbs, who then gets to eat for free.

On to the inside, where we were immediately given our hospital gowns before entering.  Comfortable and lets be honest, keeps your clothes food free! I have no idea why anyone would put up a fuss about putting one on, if you are going to a theme restaurant, be willing to play along! We were seated, and noted that it was quite spacious, with lots of TVs playing great music and music videos (if you like music from the 70s, 80s, etc… which we do!), and very bright and basic. Brianna, our nurse for the visit, came to take our order: had to have a vanilla butterfat vodka milkshake and a glass of wine for backup, as well as 2 single bypass burgers and one order of fries cooked in lard of course.  She was engaging, informative, and accommodating of our requests for pictures etc., oh and a great server too!

Our drinks arrived, the shake was fantastic! Very rich and lots of flavour including being able to taste the vodka through all that frozen goodness. Love the old style metal blender shake container that it was served in as well. Might I add that the glass of wine was large, no skimping on the portions! The food followed very quickly after.  The burgers were some of the most slippery, greasy, delicious burgers we have had outside of what we make at home (not many restaurant burgers win against ours).  The bun was wide, the picture on the menu doesn’t do it justice and the patty was a good size and it included 5 pieces of bacon.  Standard toppings round it out. We were incredibly pleased with the taste.  The fries I found, as I have read in other reviews, to be a bit limp, but L was still loving them, much more than I was.  I’ll call the fries a draw. Also during our visit, we got to see how the nurses treat birthday boys, which was to put them over a chair and hit them with a very large wooden paddle, as hard as they could, about 3 times.  You could hear the bat crack throughout the restaurant with every smack, this is definitely not just for show, these girls mean business!

We left about 1/3 of the shake, it was more than enough for us to share, the wine of course was completely consumed. Also left unfinished was half a burger for each of us.  We had to make the call: go all the way and stuff ourselves silly, or quit while we still felt good and have the rest to enjoy later… we took option 2. So off we went with our future snack in hand. L weighed himself on the way out… a 2 pound increase, seems like we had enough to eat! It was a fun time, with basic, but tasty food and some interesting things to see and hear.  I would recommend a visit there, but only if you have a sense of humour and you aren’t expecting the place to be something it doesn’t claim to be.  And grab a 5XL souvenir shirt before you go as well, it costs the same as the other sizes available, but will be more comfortable to wear in case you decide to tackle bigger portions than we did!

K&L 😀
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3 thoughts on “We couldn’t bypass the Heart Attack Grill!

  1. mmmmmm butterfat vodka vanilla milkshake!…….seriously – do NOT go here and not indulge in that very spectacular treat!……

  2. Sounds wonderful! I found a new treat at Snooze on the fourth, Gazpacho Bloody! I normally won’t touch a Bloody Mary, but gazpacho with pepper infused vodka sounded (and tasted) too good to pass up.
    Luck and love to you!

  3. That sounds fantastic! Funny enough, we tried a bloody mary flavoured vodka, but foolishly we put it with soda. It’s named bloody mary for a reason, it would only taste good when used in one! That was a tough one to finish. The pepper infused one sounds much better. Since we are nowhere near Snooze, I had a look and here is a recipe for a gazpacho bloody mary, which I will have to concoct in the near future, thanks for the idea! http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Gazpacho-Bloody-Marys-236770
    Luck and love back at you and yours too Greg!

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