World’s Healthiest Food????

kimchi burgersWe now interrupt our Las Vegas scheduled program to bring you a word from our kitchen! Thought it would be an interesting break to throw one of our favourite recipes in here, so while I was pondering what to call the post, I came across an article (not unlike the millions of others listing the “healthiest” things you can eat) stating that kimchi is one of the “healthiest foods in the world!!!” .  And who among us doesn’t want to eat healthier… or at least pretend to try to.  That being said, what we usually add the kimchi to pretty much negates the benefit of eating it… so we will just call this dish a wash health wise and say it’s delicious…and that’s reason enough to make this for yourself.

Now you should be saying “what exactly am I making?”  Well, you can make the kimchi if you are so inclined… oh now you are saying what IS kimchi?! Basically it’s a Korean dish, of fermented napa cabbage, and it’s spicy! Here is a link to a recipe with step by step pictures if you are adventurous, or if you are lucky, you will have a Korean restaurant nearby where you can just pick up a container to go.  I have made it myself once in the past, and it was good, but it really is more convenient to just buy it already made once you have had the experience of creating your own.

And onto what we usually do with it when we get it home: kimchi burgers!! As I said, it’s not the most healthy preparation, so it is a great treat when we do have it.  First get some texas toast white bread, butter the outsides and put Cheez Whiz on the inside, like you are making a grill cheese sandwich, then cook it… like a grill cheese sandwich 😀 While you are cooking this part, cook some hamburger patties, I use lean ground beef and throw in some minced ginger and garlic from jars, some soy sauce and maybe some cayenne pepper or red chili flakes for heat, this would be where you would season to your own taste. I like to be heavy handed with the seasonings, then form into patties, again, to the size you like.

When everything is cooked, pull apart the sandwich and place your patty in it, throw some kimchi on top of the meat and sometimes I put a tomato slice on too. Then eat the buttery, crunchy, meaty, tangy goodness!!! Oh and feel healthier because of that kimchi 😉

K&L 😀

kimchi burgerkimchi burgerwemakekimchi


One thought on “World’s Healthiest Food????

  1. LOOOOOOVE the Kimchi Grilled Cheese Burgers!!!!…..wanna spice up your Subway roasbeef sub too….that’s right!!! – slap the kimchi on top of it when you get it home and it transforms an already delicious sub sandwich into an entirely different and wonderful creation…..what this post is really trying to say – is put the Kimchi on just about anything !!!!…’s AWESOME!!!….enjoy!


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