Kimchi Kontinued!

Alirang Ori BokumBefore we head back to Las Vegas and MESA Grill, I thought I would write up a quick post on a delicious little Korean restaurant in Ottawa called Alirang, since it goes along with the last post about kimchi burgers and will save me time explaining what that’s all about again!

This marks my 3rd visit and L’s 2nd.  It was my first choice for belated birthday dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend, who isn’t a totally adventurous eater, but is learning to humour us :). I could say it’s one particular dish that keeps me coming back (kimchi pancakes, I’m looking at you!!) but really all of the things we order there are fantastic, with solid portions and decent prices.

The place itself is not terribly big or fancy, and is always quite busy, so if you do want to go, 5 pm seems to get you a table and fast enough service, after that, it seems to steadily fill and there really aren’t convenient places to stand/sit while you wait if you aren’t able to get a table right away. We arrive at 5!

Ordered usual wine for us and some edamame and 2 kimchi pancakes.  They are simply sour, soft, delicious! and are exactly what you suspect… pancake with lots and lots of kimchi embedded in it.  What’s not to love? I have also made these myself after my first acquaintance with them last March. Remember to chop the kimchi before blending into the batter, it’s a lot harder to cut up when it has been dunked first… yes I know this from experience!

Next our main courses arrived, BIG fan of their Galbi beef,  just sweet enough, and tender and filling.  L had the Bulgogi, but this time in stone pot with noodles and broth.  We also ordered the Ori Bokum, which is vegetable stir fry duck.  The usual Korean sides were included: kimchi, bean sprouts etc.  Everything was cooked perfectly and tasty as always.  No disappointments.  Very relaxed dinner, the place was definitely packed when we left.  Highly recommend you stop here if you are looking for authentic Korean food while you are in Ottawa, just get there around 5 if you want to get a seat!

K&L 😀
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