Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Bill's Saloon Night VegasIt wouldn’t be a Vegas trip I suppose without one day lost to the night before.  The night before being a wild time at Bill’s Saloon… where there was karaoke, wine, gambling, and lots of entertaining people to talk to.  So, not sure when we got back to the room, but it was early, or was it late? Anyway, the result of that was a day that I did not see vertical until about 6 PM , and since it was our last full night, I was determined to get up and go out.  What we ate that day would ordinarily be a punishment of sorts, but when you’re feeling the pain, you get the food that’s needed: greasy, delicious, fried love from the food court downstairs, which consisted of a Chicago dog, some giant, overcooked, doughnut sized onion rings, crinkle cut fries that must have come straight from the bag, and the shiniest, fat laden cheeseburger, complete with a cooked egg on top.  L was nice enough to model with the food as I was definitely not camera ready! And like Popeye and his spinach, after I ate as much as I could, I was up! Next stop: Trevi.

K&L 😀


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