Is this the only Snacky’s in Aruba???? (Update!)

Snacky's is goneYes! Well, it WAS the only Snacky’s in Aruba 😦  Sadly, on superfoodies second trip to Aruba in October, we wandered down Palm Beach on Tuesday looking forward to a return visit to the little shack on the sidewalk. It was there, but locked up!  We dragged ourselves back to our hotel area and went back to Bugaloe Pier, which never disappoints.

Now the year before, the proprietor sometimes didn’t quite open at the times he said he would, so we had hope that this was the case, and were anxious to head back the next morning.  Which we did… only to find the same thing, Snacky’s very closed for business. Instead of continuing the daily torture, L popped into a shop near the shack and inquired.  They confirmed the worst.  Snacky’s don’t live here anymore.

You might think that being so close to South America it would be easy to locate another vendor of delicious arepas, empanadas and batidos, but you would be wrong and as disappointed as we were.

Fortunately since our first visit, we have mastered the art of the batidos and the arepa, so all was not lost, and L says he likes the way I make them better than anyone’s including Valencia Luncheria in Connecticut (which we did get to visit a few weeks after returning from Aruba, so we got our fix at last).  I choose to believe he is telling the truth 🙂

I imagine if we find ourselves back in Aruba, which I’m sure we will, we will have to check back, just in case it was a temporary spat between owner and shack… hopefully they have made up by then, and are making beautiful music… I mean delicious snacks…. together again.

K&L 😀