Subway Hackers

LSubwayHackThere is a very interesting site (to superfoodies at least) on the interwebs called Ikea Hackers, where people take Ikea products, and do really cool, interesting, functional things to the original products. Brilliant stuff for sure!

So, in addition to our delicious exploratory food expeditions and culinary adventures, is our post workout staple: the Subway sub… cue the angelic music! What… not interesting enough?? sounds like the wrong thing to be eating?? Not the case!  It turns out to be a fast, yummy, calorically and nutritionally viable choice for us when we are done with the gym, if you pay attention to what you put on it of course. 

The bread is great for our carb intake, but cheese? Forget it, it has no taste from Subway… just a caloric fee for no flavour (sorry, that’s just the facts, and if you can taste their cheese buried amidst what you are probably eating on your sub, any standard meat sub, please correct me.) Meat choice is usually, but not limited to roast beef, and for L it is triple meat, which seems to CONFOUND most employees. We don’t know why.  Single is 3 slices soooooo triple, NINE! Easy math. There seems to be equal difficulty in how to charge for that particular request as well, every time/location, it varies. No sauces are added, just our choice of veggie compliments and some green olive slices for me and home we go.

This is where the “hack” comes in.  We have a massive arsenal of sauces and toppings that are all healthy and calorically friendly.  Once home, L makes 2 over easy eggs and adds them on top along with any combo of a hot sauce, or a Thai green chili mix that I make, some fresh green onions, cilantro and often some kimchi that we now make here… in mass quantities… since our restaurant that we used to get it from closed We have since perfected a very tasty, low sugar version of it.

I know it may not sound terribly brilliant, but for a reasonably healthy meal, that you can track the calories and nutrition of, try it yourself. Skip the cheese and sauces/dressings (mustard and  hot sauce excepted of course, no problem with those) and take your oblong treasure home and add the things you love from your own kitchen (that may even include a cheese that counts, a cheese with substance! Like a blue, some feta, a nice old cheddar, you get the idea) and enjoy! Food that you bring home from takeout can always be made even more delicious when you put your own spin and taste on it! Happy Hacking food lovers!

K&L 😀


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