New Year? New Post to Toast!

Filet Mignon New YearsHappy 2013 everyone! Well another year has flown by, and 2013 is likely to do the same, but it will be filled with superfoodies adventures that we will keep sending your way.  New years for me and L was somewhat the same as last year, but with A LOT less food. We rang in the year before stuffing ourselves silly before the work of 2012 was to begin.  L could not stuff even one more tiny bit of food in by the time we were through with the full on gluttony! It of course included the core meal that I have had for years: filet mignon (which is French for “cute fillet” or “dainty fillet”). Can’t remember the last new years that I did not enjoy my favourite steak, and L is now onboard with the tradition. As I mentioned though, it also contained many other foods like hot dogs cooked on our fabulous dog roller, chips, and any other snacks we came across in the course of the night. We couldn’t move and naturally felt awful, and we were at our heaviest. But we did enjoy it.

Starting the next day, our project began.  Get in shape! Hello treadmill in the spare room! Sorry about the extra gravity I will exert on you since we last met. And in addition to that old/new activity, L and I started playing squash 2 times a week, weights 3 times and watched what we ate for the majority of time, but splurged when we needed to or could. We stuck with the program through thick and now thin, through our wedding, gym closures, holidays, superfoodies food adventures, etc. pretty much without fail.  We can count the number of workouts we have missed mostly on one hand. The payoff? Well of course we feel better, we’re stronger, we’ve cleared our wardrobes of the clothes that no longer snugly encase us after shedding around 30 lbs each… the list goes on! A year later we are even more motivated to continue, and the evolution of what we do keeps us fascinated.

Which  brings us to new year’s eve this year.  We had a delicious, but super scaled down version of last year.  Started with some seared scallops. I have been trying hard to perfect a cooking method for these little suckers.  I think I have found one, check out the pic below and this recipe. The 2 keys are follow it closely (thoroughly drying the scallops works wonders) and buy fresh instead of frozen if possible. Now I know it looks overly “seared” shall we say, but trust, they did not taste that way, and they were not overcooked either.  I will use this method next time for sure.

Now onto the coveted main course! The day before I had melted some butter, mixed in a fair amount of dried tarragon flakes, and popped it into the freezer in little metal sauce cups. I cooked up a couple of potatoes (ugh, in the microwave, sacrilege I know!), and some fresh brussel sprouts, (which I pop under the broiler with some Club House Parmesan & Herbs just before serving.) Finally I pan fried the steaks to a perfect rare (don’t knock it till you try it) Assembled all on our plates, placed the frozen butter pats on top of the steaks for delicious tarragon flavour on the filets, and sat down to a treat of Amarone wine which L had poured earlier. Aside from not letting the butter defrost a bit before putting it on the steaks, everything was brilliant, and we love staying at home and not fighting crowds, getting the foods we want, how and when we want and enjoying a special bottle of wine without the worry of driving home.

Hope your night was as great as ours was and that 2013 lets all of us continue, or start some projects that keep us healthy and happy! Answer our poll under the pics and let us know how you like to spend your night!

K&L 😀


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