Another 1000 clicks = lababdar!

The Indian KitchenSo another 1000 clicks on the blog… K&L get a special scooby snack! Thanks to all of our visitors! This time it was in the form of delicious Indian food from our all time, can’t be beat, Indian restaurant: The Indian Kitchen, located in Thornhill, and I believe they have opened another Toronto area location, but I am not sure where.  Their old website link doesn’t seem to work, but the yelp link I have provided shows some delicious pics of their dishes.

We picked up the usual favourites: lababdar (creamy, tomatoey goodness with a slight heat), murgh multani, which I just call green chili chicken (a dry, tandoor, very spicy chicken dish), and finally decided to try their tandoori chicken, which I had only had there once, a long time ago.  Foolishly, we did not indulge in any breads (the paratha is the best I’ve had anywhere) or rice… which always leads to a puzzled response from the staff… I’m sure that very few order the food without those accompaniments, and I do recommend them highly, we were just keeping a bit restrained for that visit.

The Indian Kitchen

Since we decided to just get the food to go, it was a long ride home with the tasty cargo in the back seat, but well worth the wait when we served it up along with a nice red wine. So after sufficiently stuffing ourselves, we enjoyed immediately retiring to our living room, instead of having the long, full drive ahead of us. All in all an excellent celebration of racking up another 1000 clicks. I will mention that the prices do seem to have gone up a bit since we were last there, but with it being a place we only visit a couple of times a year, it’s still worth it for the quality of the food.  As for some of the bad reviews I have come across, I have been going there for over 10 years, and the familiar group of staff that were there for a long time seem to be gone, but I have no real complaints about the service relative to anywhere else.  I would always recommend it as a top spot for delicious Indian food.  If you do go, be sure to ask for extra mint chutney that they usually bring with the poppadums, it is outrageously tasty! Looking forward to wherever we end up after the next round of clicks…

K&L 😀
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This will be a fabulous new category of short and sweet posts about the most delicious product finds that will make your life more tasty or healthy or helpful… or any combination of those.  Hope that you enjoy them as much as we do 😀 and if you want to see them exclusively just click on the superproducts! category.  Soooo let’s get the fun rolling and start with a very new treat on the block: Fruttare Banana and Milk Pops!  We love banana and these are so creamy and soft with bits of banana in them, all for 120 calories a stick! Bought at Sobey’s, don’t remember the cost, 4 to a box. I’d pay anything they ask, they are superior! GO!

banana pop