This will be a fabulous new category of short and sweet posts about the most delicious product finds that will make your life more tasty or healthy or helpful… or any combination of those.  Hope that you enjoy them as much as we do 😀 and if you want to see them exclusively just click on the superproducts! category.  Soooo let’s get the fun rolling and start with a very new treat on the block: Fruttare Banana and Milk Pops!  We love banana and these are so creamy and soft with bits of banana in them, all for 120 calories a stick! Bought at Sobey’s, don’t remember the cost, 4 to a box. I’d pay anything they ask, they are superior! GO!

banana pop


3 thoughts on “superproducts!

  1. the most delicious yellow banana popsicle taste I’ve ever had but with a soft creamy texture and REAL banana bits…..I’m verklempt!….GO GET THESE!

    • Ah the classic banana popsicle that always holds a supreme place in superfoodies hearts! True yellow banana flavour! I wouldn’t say better, because there is a creamy element, but definitely a competitor for delicousness to any banana fan 🙂

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