Clickety Click – Burger Trick

Baldwin Street BurgerYou clicked and we made burgers magically disappear! We hit another 1000 clicks a few weeks ago and you guessed it: (did you???): it was a special burger foodie reward 🙂 . Had been hunting a Baldwin Street Burger experience for awhile now, ever since a coworker made me aware of the existence of some fantastic burger products in our vicinity. Finally, a day when a burger feast would be suitable presented itself, and off L went with Little K to pick up the works.

The online menu was studied and the firm selection was a French Onion burger for L and I to share (double patty of course!), and a Ceasar burger for the kiddo.  Fries were also a solid choice, unpoutined though, since we had recently performed some delicious poutiney evaluations, as you can read in a previous post. Beyond that, my only other request was a milkshake… vanilla… but ONLY if they were homemade.

I sat at home waiting… anxiously… hungrily… with only one note during that time telling me that yes, they were in fact homemade milkshakes! Woo hoo! Haven’t had one of those in a verrrrry long time. And anticipation grew.  Finally the door opened and in walked pristine white bags with little black stickers with little white cow logos on them… I guess L and kiddo were there too??? I was a little too hyper focused to notice.

So out came the loot.  Burgers and fries (with curry ketchup), shakes and what?? deep fried pickles and onion rings. We all dove in and wow! what an overload of fantastic! The burger tastes like french onion soup… on a burger. That’s the only way to describe it. The ceasar (as in salad) burger was great too. Also can’t say enough about the quality of the patty and the fact that there was still pink inside instead of the usual cooked to death greyness that is the norm around here. Fries? Great, thin cut, lots of them and they hit the spot.  Milkshake was top notch and tasted like I remembered, and expected, if it is in fact homemade: ice creamy, thick enough etc. The surprise though was the 3$ order of deep fried pickles. Bigger breading, well cooked, lots of crunch and how can you beat the price? Onion rings had the same breading and were delicious too.

Since you don’t need to wait for a thousand clicks like we did, I highly recommend you go to Whitby (Brooklin) asap, and stop in at Baldwin Street Burger for a very mooooooooooooving experience!

K&L 😀
Baldwin Street Burger on Urbanspoon


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