superproducts! Club House One Step Seasonings

Club House Seasonings<This… is the new spice cupboard in our newly renovated kitchen.  As you can see, we really like a variety of spices, herbs, flavourings etc. in our cooking. It is well stocked and well used. Which brings us to the second “superproducts!” post.  We LOVE the One Step line that Club House has come out with and have now used them extensively for at least 6 months now.  Super flavour, super low cal.  Piri on filet mignon? Totally! Paremsan & Herbs on chicken or brussel sprouts? Go for it! Roasted Garlic and Peppers with some added cayenne on chicken wings? Woo hoo! There are more than I have in the picture below and I think a couple we haven’t tried yet, but we will. So get thee to a spice aisle and explore the delicious foreign flavour lands that await! (To check out all of our superproducts! just click on the “superproducts!” category below)

Club House One Step


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