Up in Smoque!

Smoque ShackAn apt title for this 50th post that brings good food and bad news.  On our recent trip to Ottawa, we visited quite a few exceedingly delicious new (to us) food spots. At the end of the trip, unfortunately, my camera card became corrupted (thank goodness I regularly put my pics on my computer) and while I used free software called ZAR 9 to recover the data, the newest pics did not come back very well, and I had not transferred those yet 😦 . So what this all means is that there will be posts of the adventures, but you may notice the pics are few and a bit funny looking, since I will still include whatever was still there, for better or worse. Now onto the post!

Lets start off with the Smoque Shack, as seen on one of our go to food shows: You Gotta Eat Here. We had been contemplating where to get some good bbq and this place didn’t disappoint.  It was fairly quiet in the restaurant, we were there around 2:30 though and started with some meat filled bloody caesars. Wow! So glad this pic was saved. What a treat, and practically a meal in itself.  L got his usual vacation beverage treat, sangria. Now I should mention that we were supposed to be going to the ever included Alirang for dinner in a few hours, but that didn’t stop us. We’re superfoodies dammit! I have to mention the service was excellent and helpful.  We chose a sharing platter with 3 meats: L chose the pork side ribs, kiddo chose the jerk pork and I wanted the burnt brisket ends.  Tangy coleslaw and fried pickles made up the sides.

The food arrived quickly, and we appreciated the large hand wipes included with the napkins, anticipating how messy we would be at the end of the feast. Portions weren’t bad, could have had more ribs of course, and we all gravitated to one of the meats, and surprisingly not the ones we chose, so no fights broke out over the last piece of pork. Having limited experience with bbq restaurants, but lots with food in general of course, I (and the others) thought the food was great. One recommendation vs. a criticism though, would be to substitute the mini cibatta buns with some type of biscuit that is a little more appropriate to the bbq experience. While cibatta is delicious, it was a bit small and out of place.  In one of the messed up pics below, you can just see the part of the big plate of meats and one of the buns.

That’s the Smoque Shack… thumbs up on the food and service, but down on the malfunction with the pictures!  We have now decided to double up on the blog pics between L and I when we are going to do a post to avoid this problem in the future. I guess this just means we will have to make a return visit to click more pics and Smoque again.  And now below: the pics as they were partially recovered.

K&L 😀
The Smoque Shack on Urbanspoon


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