Back to Back BBQ

Fatboys Southern SmokehouseThough the posts are getting a bit out of sequence with this choice, I thought it would be a good idea to follow up the last post with one about another Ottawa BBQ joint: Fatboys Southern Smokehouse! This visit was just after the great SD camera card crash of 2013, so we actually have pictures courtesy of L’s phone.  Could be considered an advantage for Fatboys since the pics from last post are sorely deficient, but on the other hand, Fatboys is a couple of streets out of the main Byward Market drag, so it loses a bit on the “findability” score. In fact the only reason we knew it existed was because L and I saw their Fatboys vehicle parked at a Good Life Fitness we found to work out at while away from home.

Arrived to see a very large, well appointed (albeit mostly empty) patio, but headed inside for a cooler lunch experience during the heatwave.  Restaurant was large and pretty quiet too.  Looks very much like a comfortable typical chain, with lots of funny signs etc., but after some research, it appears to be the only one. Certainly could convert to a recognizable chain though, based on what we saw.  Service was very friendly and fast, the menu was interesting, and the prices were reasonable.

With a small pitcher of tasty, yet standard sangria to start, we finally settled on our food choices.  After a ton of flip flopping (can’t believe L was actually contemplating ordering some type of Club Wrap… don’t care if the chicken was smoked or not!) I went with a brisket sandwich, kiddo had the southern fried chicken with a kick, and L chose the Memphis barbeque spaghetti. For sides, it was smoked bacon mac and cheese, Kansas city corn bread, and tangy coleslaw.

Everything appeared without too much of a wait, and it looked rich and crunchy and saucy and all things bbq delicious! Mac and cheese: smooth, cheesy, bacony… corn bread: soft and just enough sweet, and slaw? well always a good addition! The chicken was super crunchy and did have a nice spice kick, brisket sandwich was rich, buttery and the right amount of pull, not too soft, and what can I say about the spaghetti, tasty, unique and a fun change from regular pasta dishes. Did I just about forget to mention dessert??? L and kiddo had to try the deep fried Oreos. I like the take they have on the standards, and also the fact that the portions are not huge and the price is right.

Definitely give this place a sauce covered thumbs up, and hope that people will make the extra effort to go a couple of streets out of the way to get there. You need some Fatboys and Fatboys needs you!

K&L 😀
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse on Urbanspoon


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