This Lobster (suprisingly) Rocks!

McLobsterThrowing in a quick post from today before getting back to the last post from Ottawa, since we just HAD to sample this time limited product: the McLobster! We have had lobster rolls in Salem at the Lobster Shanty, and Buster’s Sea Cove at the St. Lawrence Market, and of course they are high quality tasty treats, so we tried to keep an open mind about trying the McLobster from McDonalds.

One little bag in hand that cost over $7, we rushed home and carefully evaluated the packaging, to the product itself, before the taste test.  Cute, very small, lopsided filling, basically what you’d expect, including the contrast of the sandwich that you get vs. the picture used for advertising it, of course.

Now onto the taste: it was GOOD.  For what it is, there was a decent amount of lobster, the bun had the wonderful sugary quality that most McD buns have, the sauce was not over done or over powering, and the bits of green onion were a nice touch. We then debated how many we could each consume, since they are not very filling.  I went with at least 6, L couldn’t peg any number except “a disturbing amount”, knowing that we will never actually find out, nor do we want to. So two claws up from superfoodies if you want to try something a little different in fast food land.

K&L 😀


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