Time to Tacobout Ahora

Ahora Mexican Cuisine

E and H at Ahora

Back to Ottawa for quick post about a little place called Ahora Mexican Cuisine. Kiddo recommended, and had been anxiously awaiting our visit so she could take us there.

It is a very small, colourful venue, where you go up to a counter and order your food… very bright, and very busy… a testament to it’s quality of food and popularity. It is NOT romantic or cozy.  It looks like a place without the “beverage licencing” that superfoodies so love (if you know what I mean), but I was wrong! Delicious sangria was procured immediately. Then off to the salsa bar, totally fresh and tasty.  You can see in the pic below (yes, these pics are few, as in other Ottawa posts this visit, because of the camera card malfunction) you get little paper cups to fill with your selections.  There are lots of varieties of salsa as well as fresh herbs like cilantro (which makes L VERY happy, he loves the stuff) and of course nacho chips. Crispy and tasty… I’m fairly non judgmental about nacho chips… I find unless they’re stale, they’re hard to mess up.

Then time for main dishes. Now if I had pics, I could remember exactly what we ordered, but time has faded my thoughts slightly, quite sure it was burritos and enchiladas. Don’t get the idea though that the food isn’t memorable, it was very well made, good portions (L and I shared, as is our tradition when we are scaling back) and good value.  We would definitely go back, especially for the salsa bar. Hey, turns out there’s another kind of bar that we like! Who knew!

K&L 😀
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2 thoughts on “Time to Tacobout Ahora

  1. I found your blog googling reviews on Ahora, I was curious to see what other people thought about it. that sucks about your camera cord but you still got some decent pics 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Em K! Ahora is a fun little place isn’t it? I had a visit to your excellent blog (hippielace.blogspot.ca) your daughter is adorable and yes, all those great colours would have been fabulous for a little one.
      I was careful before, but now super vigilant about pics lol… don’t want that to happen again!

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