Can Teddy’s Bear the Competition?

Teddys Restaurant & DeliAs is mostly a loosely established tradition now, when we reach each thousand click milestone (the more you click, the more we eat by the way!), we celebrate with some tasty adventure… and it usually involves food in bags, ferried home like treasure. Nine thousand wasn’t any different when we hit up Teddy’s Restaurant & Deli to put their smoked meat to the test against Schwartz’s and Caplanski’s. We ordered two sandwiches, full fat!, as we have learned this is our preferred experience with this particular treat (extra fat is always better flavour than too little, so we stay on the safe side). Also part of the package was a straight up salad with their memorable house dressing that I really wanted L to try, since it was so garlicky and delicious as I recalled. He had not been to Teddy’s since he was a teenager and it had been some time since I had been as well… as they have that lack of beverage licencing that I so appreciate.

Food home, unwrapped and in hand, it looked great… and different.  The smoked meat was much more thinly sliced than any of the others that we had tried elsewhere.  Big bites taken… wow! Really rich and flavourful, and the thinner slicing made it easier to bite without tearing out more than you want. Big thumbs up, and then the realization that we have fabulous smoked meat sandwiches available locally… any time we want them… even when we shouldn’t be eating them, if you get the drift of the problem 🙂 Onto the salad: good, standard salad, but it was the dressing that was to be the star.  Unfortunately it lacked something, maybe the old garlic level, I don’t know. L really liked the bits of cheese in it though and enjoyed it more than I did, since he wasn’t making the same comparison that I was. Still good of course, but not something I would now go out of my way to have again soon.  But the smoked meat… well, that one is still unfortunately? fortunately? a taste that will keep us going back for that full fat.

K&L 😀
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