superproducts! Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce

Swiss Chalet Dipping SauceTime again for a superproducts! post. These tend to appear after I look at something I’ve used A LOT and realize how damn good it really is.  This is exactly what happened this time.  We love Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce, which used to only be procured and consumed with the chicken from the same place. Now we can have it any time, in only minutes, and it tastes EXACTLY the same. The packaged version has even been improved since it came out (I think), it seems to mix with the water much better.

I actually used it in a bit of an unconventional way the other day though, and that’s what made me really take note of it’s awesomeness.  I was searching for some new flavour to throw into hamburgers, so I poured a whole package into the meat, after some hemming and hawing about how it might blend/taste. I did not tell L that this was the mystery ingredient. I wanted to see if he noticed anything different from our usual array of great, but typical combinations. Now for me, knowing what I was enjoying, I really could taste the essence of the sauce flavour… and it was GOOD! L asked unprompted what I had put in the meat, and when I told him he would never guess… and then told him what it was, he certainly agreed that he would have never pegged it, but really liked it too.  We will use it again for sure in burgers, but will keep using it in it’s intended form as well. Grab a handy pre cooked chicken from your grocery store and whip up some of this sauce and enjoy it yourself. If you have other ways you’ve used this superproduct, let us know!


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