Wing’n It!

T-fal ActifryOn the heels of the last post about the superproduct! T-fal Actifry, I figured I may as well have a little write up about the last thing we cooked in there… which was wings! Delicious, glorious wings…

L procured a couple of pounds from a farm in our area and as usual, is really persistent about us enjoying them as soon as possible (he really digs wings… so do I) After some fridge defrosting, we cook them in the oven for a bit first, so the Actifry doesn’t have to run forever.  This was a batch of fairly small wings, so about 20 mins or so in the oven at 300 works just fine. After removing, it is important to pat them dry before putting them into the Actifry “belladrome”, since you want them to crisp, not steam! But for goodness sakes, don’t SQUEEZE them when drying! The reason for that should be obvious… same reason you don’t squash your burger patties with a spatula when you cook them. Just say no to removing all flavourful cooking juices from your meats… m’kay?

I spooned a few scrapes of coconut oil around and about the soggy looking, circular assembly of chicken, closed the lid, and let em go for around half an hour, with no intervention required from me.

Time’s up! The lid opens to the crispy, golden brown bounty.  Into the bowl they go, and are then liberally coated with our favourite topping (as noted in previous post for Shagwell’s wings) roasted red pepper, with a touch of cayenne as well, to make it of the spicy persuasion.

The quantity was decidedly light in proportion to our appetites and enjoyment of the Actifry’s magic. It was all over so quickly in a whirlwind of gnashing and crunching. We debated, and decided that 3 times this amount would have been sufficient.

If you own one of these nifty devices and have some interesting, successful concoctions to share, please send them our way! We are happy to have more reasons to keep extracting value out of this pricey, but useful little gadget.

K&L 😀


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