Grill of My Dreams

Korean Grill House… or of our dreams.  We love our meat and we love our BBQ. Add in a Korean touch and you have a perfect superfoodies scene. So a few weeks ago superfoodies ventured to Toronto with Little K in tow, to pick up her surprise guitar gift, and we decided that if we were going to eat there, we might as well go somewhere that we would enjoy (of course!), that would take us some time, and provide some “pageantry”.  Oh, and not be somewhere we could eat closer to home. We settled on the Korean Grill House, which has several locations throughout Toronto, and one right near the music store that we needed to wind up at.

It was another freezing, windy day of 2014, but luckily, clear and sunny, so the drive was easy… but the walking was another story.  We parked and headed the few blocks to the restaurant and were happy to arrive and get seated somewhere warm, with a table in front of us, that would soon be hot and flamey!

This location is not a fancy one, but not looking for fancy either, so no worries.  The other locations may have a more upscale look, but I’ve never been to another one. Ordered beverages, all reasonably priced and a very decent selection of non alcohol choices as well. And then the table was lit!

The process for the all you can eat selection is: you get papers with all available selections, then you write the number of servings you want, of what you want, in the boxes, and then once picked up, your orders appear very quickly.  Lots of raw meats (we typically have korean beef ribs, beef, chicken, pork, salmon, white fish, sausage) and we tried a new cube ground meat this time as well.  On the extras, we like rice, lots of kimchi, spicy spouts and radishes, potatoes etc. As long as you fill out the papers, the dishes keep arriving.

We grilled up quite a few bowls of meat and fish and downed a lot of extras, but it’s nice to have a leisurely lunch and an activity to go along with it.  The restaurant did start to fill up as we were there, it was fairly empty at 11:30 ish when we arrived.  I know from experience it fills up at dinner time as well, quite a busy place. In the warmer weather, not as big a deal as in the colder times when you may find yourself waiting in a windy entrance area.

We finally backed away from the chopsticks (I vow to keep practicing my skills!), paid our very reasonable bill, and headed off into the tundra to pick up what may have been one of the very few Blue Burst Ovation Acoustic-Electric guitars to be found for purchase in Ontario, or perhaps Canada! So pretty! And very appreciated by a surprised Little K.

We can’t help but try to figure out how to get a hot, flamey grill installed in the table in our house (soooo not kidding, we really have thought about it), but until then, we’ll depend on the Korean Grill House… Get grilling at a location near you!

K&L 😀
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