kb / no KB!

kb FoodWhat a cryptic little post title! Turns out we went to kb Food in Whitby right after Little K(B)’s graduation ceremony, so while we were at kb, there was no KB, since she was at the subsequent dinner/party with her classmates.

Off we convoyed, into Whitby, after figuring out where to go, as it was a late weeknight. kb to the rescue! Had been wanting to try it, as recommended by my youngest kiddo, and tonight was the night.

Quaint, small, but easily accommodated our group. Table set up quickly, menus handed out and drinks on the way. Drinks arrived, and toasts to the (absent) newly graduated, the recently graduated, and the whenever graduated, took place :D. The studying of the food choices continued in earnest. The menu changes regularly, and had lots of interesting and varied choices, all fresh and local ingredients. So many people, so many preferences. We had burgers (with and without bun) soup, meat topped mac and cheese, flank steak, pork belly, ravioli, again, all fresh made, locally sourced. You can imagine the quality of the dishes, and the presentation was an equal compliment to the experience.

Now, I had the pork belly, and it was a thick (1″) layer of crispy, and super crunchy, but beautifully melting, inside layer… of fat, with an afterthought thin base of solid meat. I am not doing it justice, and alot of you are screaming “eeeeeeew!”, and I get it.  It sure isn’t for everyone, but it sure was for me. All of the accompaniments were well executed, except for giving potato instead of polenta on one dish, which was really missed. And then we were done.

Wait! Were we really though?? Of course not. Who can resist a fresh, well constructed dessert!? Flourless chocolate torte, that tasted so deeply chocolate, fresh raspberry sorbet made in house, a jar of liquid banana bread??? Yes, get the dessert. If you only treat yourself when it is a quality, worthwhile expenditure of your caloric currency… get the dessert. Any dessert there.

So another awesome superfoodie discovery, as recommended by one kiddo, while celebrating the achievement another kiddo, who we still need to take there. Please visit and enjoy the menu roulette for yourself… always a different mix up of dishes, but as I check online periodically to see what they have come up with now,  I am intrigued, and then disappointed, when I miss any of the many, tasty sounding concoctions.

The menu is here all week folks, try the veal… or duck… or pork belly… and tip your waitress.

K&L 😀
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