Angostura Bitters

Angostura BittersTime for a quickie superproduct! superpost. Many of us have spotted the mysterious bottle on restaurant bars with the bright, yellow lid, and the badly applied white label. What exactly is it?? Angostura Bitters! And the oversized, badly applied label was a mistake when first manufactured, so they decided to keep doing it.

Anyway, as recommended by the good folks in Aruba, to soothe a troubled tummy, a few drops in some soda water (our go to beverage) was their prescription. Don’t know if it works in that regard, but we do love the taste, a different little kick to our usual soda that isn’t the standard lemon/lime, but still no added sugar/calories.  The first taste was jarring, and I didn’t think I’d like it… same for L I believe, but now we happily shake a few drops in our soda when the mood strikes, and enjoy it very much. There are also lots of different varieties of bitters as well. I’m sure you can find some delicious adult beverages that include this unique ingredient as well… this page: mybestcocktails seems to have quite a few! So get bitter for the holidays!


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