When a truck and superfoodies collide…

Urban Smoke Eat St.What an exciting day for superfoodies!  Turns out one of our favourite shows, Eat St., was filming in superfoodies’ land today! The truck: Urban Smoke Fusion BBQ woo hoo! As you may know from previous posts, we have put some tasty BBQ joints to the test, so always great to get another chance to taste a different interpretation of one of our favourite meat treats.

Unfortunately L could not be with me for this, so I had to go it alone.  Of course he was missed, but I persevered for the sake of the blog. I arrived early to see what was going on and how things are set up.  Fun to have an idea about how a show that you watch all the time is actually put together and filmed.  Host James Cunningham was not there 😦 and of course I remembered that he does his always funny intros, and then the actual truck scenes commence.

I finally get into the longish lineup and after awhile, as I inched towards the coveted front of the line, I had to lean over to the filming crew and tell them about our passion for food, our travel around food, based on Food Network shows, and obviously the fact that we blog it too. I was asked if I really had a blog 🙂 so I handed over our superfoodies card. And I was in! Yay! Very excited to get to do this since it is a pretty big hobby of ours. I signed the release form with a hand shaking with anticipation, and then I got to order.

A Dirty Bob (“with attitude”, for those who like it spicier) was my request.  This bad boy is a Grilled Beef Brisket sandwich on Texas toast with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions. Yes.  Have to put that brisket to the test.  Came with a side, so went with the now traditional coleslaw that we usually choose, though it could have also been fries or beans, nice selection. $10 gets you a decent portion which I happily collected at the window, ensconced in it’s very secure, environmentally friendly, dome (the sandwich, not the window!).  I walked over to the filming area and kept it sealed until it was time for the camera to roll.

Got a quick, interesting run down on how it works (look at the interviewer, NOT the camera) and describe with enthusiasm, of course, what you have and how it tastes!  So I opened the container to find a crunchy, buttery looking sandwich and a good portion of vinegar based (not mayo thank goodness) coleslaw.  Let the biting begin! MMmmm yes, crunchy bread, medium sliced brisket, the toppings did not overwhelm the meat (good call Urban Smoke) and smokey enough.  Only would have put a little more “attitude” on it if I could have.  We do like things a little over the top spicy. The coleslaw was perfect, very fresh and LOVE the addition of celery seed.

I discovered eating and chewing and speaking, with a camera very close to the mouth zone that these things are happening in, is first, a study in self consciousness… that was immediately overshadowed by a need to get all my words out and have fun! And I did have fun, and a new experience AND some damn tasty food 🙂 Really appreciate getting to be a part of it. Very big day for a true superfoodie.

So half of Dirty Bob and some slaw made it home for L to sample, as I regaled him with my excitement of the day, which he also enjoyed thoroughly, while holding our Eat St. street sign that he had made for our house last Christmas…yes, we are fans!

Thumbs up Eat St. and Urban Smoke… from the next Food Network star??? LOL a superfoodie can dream………………………

K&L 😀


Dam Good Tail!

BeaverTailsBeavertails! A staple of Ottawa’s “must experience” tastes, as evidenced recently when President of the US, Obama, requested one of the delicious fried pastries on his visit to the “great white (not always, we DO have summer ya know!) north!”  And as many times as I have been to our nation’s capital, I have never had one, nor had L.

So after we had stuffed ourselves silly at pretty much my favourite Ottawa pub, The Highlander, where we had the most phenomenal service, we started to walk back to the car… past the BeaverTails stand… and the suggestion was made.  It had already been made during the weekend, but after what we had consumed, I thought we’d give it a miss again.  But L was motivated and the decision was made.  If not, when!? Now was the time! Carpe BeaverTail! So after having passed this stand so many times over many years, up we went, and the order was placed while standing in a cloud of delicious deep fried pastry smell.  Chocolate spread and bananas was the choice of the day, though there were many tempting combos. And it was glorious! And suddenly… I had room to take as many bites as L could share.  As heavy as these big, flat paddle shaped treats sound, it felt nothing like that eating it.   

Finally my curiosity and L’s sweet tooth were satiated, and it was worth the detour.  So when in Ottawa, save some room, or don’t… apparently it doesn’t make a difference, and get some tail!

K&L 😀
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Is this the only Snacky’s in Aruba???? (Update!)

Snacky's is goneYes! Well, it WAS the only Snacky’s in Aruba 😦  Sadly, on superfoodies second trip to Aruba in October, we wandered down Palm Beach on Tuesday looking forward to a return visit to the little shack on the sidewalk. It was there, but locked up!  We dragged ourselves back to our hotel area and went back to Bugaloe Pier, which never disappoints.

Now the year before, the proprietor sometimes didn’t quite open at the times he said he would, so we had hope that this was the case, and were anxious to head back the next morning.  Which we did… only to find the same thing, Snacky’s very closed for business. Instead of continuing the daily torture, L popped into a shop near the shack and inquired.  They confirmed the worst.  Snacky’s don’t live here anymore.

You might think that being so close to South America it would be easy to locate another vendor of delicious arepas, empanadas and batidos, but you would be wrong and as disappointed as we were.

Fortunately since our first visit, we have mastered the art of the batidos and the arepa, so all was not lost, and L says he likes the way I make them better than anyone’s including Valencia Luncheria in Connecticut (which we did get to visit a few weeks after returning from Aruba, so we got our fix at last).  I choose to believe he is telling the truth 🙂

I imagine if we find ourselves back in Aruba, which I’m sure we will, we will have to check back, just in case it was a temporary spat between owner and shack… hopefully they have made up by then, and are making beautiful music… I mean delicious snacks…. together again.

K&L 😀