HI and HI Again

SeaBKsteakAnother long overdue post! So overdue in fact, that we have visited twice now, and I will in fact be heavily referencing the original visit, since I wasn’t able to get to all of the things that I wanted to revisit on round 2. And where is this place that I speak of? Aruba of course, and the Holiday Inn Resort more specifically.

Originally, we did some recon last March/April to check out the “updated” Holiday Inn, and to give an all inclusive a try, with the hopes of maybe bringing all the kiddos with us in the fall. It went so well, that we booked a trip for the seven of us for the fall, right from the hotel room via Skype.

Since this is a food blog, I’ll leave the long hotel description to our TripAdvisor post, and focus on the food/beverage situation.

Where to start! Well, drinks were plentiful, as creative as could be if requested, and more than strong enough.  Banana daquiris and sangria were always great treats, and they always had plenty of Pino Grigio on hand for me, vodka and sodas for L. I was particularly fond of their sangria recipe, as it had lots of bits of fruit, a nice taste of cinnamon, and not too sweet.

The food was more than satisfactory, delicious on the whole in fact, but lets be honest, not gourmet, nor did we need or expect it to be.

Here’s the 411:

Corals Buffet Breakfast: Plentiful, lots of variety, with the highlight being little arepas, as well as shredded beef, which made appearances at most of our AM adventures.

Corals Buffet Dinner: Standard fare, good for families and kids, and they had Bitterballen! Dutch treat of scalding lava meat/gravy balls. *for goodness sakes wait till the damn things cool down before biting!*

Oceanside Bar: Spent quite a few afternoons there, delicious Greek salad with sooooft pita and tasty dressing (this was not on the menu on our fall trip), overly heavy, greasy fish and chips, wings, which I liked, but L wasn’t as keen on, they remind me of the Fried Chicken TV Dinner! Giant chocolate chip cookies, that were okay, but not quite worth the calories/sugar coma, hot dogs and quesadillas also very delicious. Gyro which we tried in the fall: Superb!

Seabreeze Restaurant: Great for lunch or dinner, wonderful open wall restaurant, fantastic service, enjoyed the salmon, steaks, fried chicken, the Aruban Cuban sandwich and many other dishes, all presented beautifully and no real gongs on anything… oops except the tuna tartare, which just had a little too much sesame oil on it. And the desserts! Wow, we don’t usually indulge, but… coconut creme brulee, cheesecake, pineapple carpaccio with ice cream, and who could forget the key lime pie.  Just amazing, and don’t forget to add a delicious espresso to round out the flavours. Special mention to Eddy, he goes above and beyond and we were grateful for his extra assistance when we needed it.

And now the unexpected best for last: Pizza Now! A service at the Seabreeze and Oceanside Bar where you can get a million pizzas (okay, not that many, but L did try to hit that number) brought to you whenever you wanted! Oh the joy of the thin, crispy, hot crust, topped with either a standard assembly from the menu, or design your own. I cannot do the taste of these things justice here. The brilliant bonus for us was the fact that they have big bowls of chili flakes on request, and the spicy deliciousness of this was almost too much to bear. They haunted us from spring until our recent revisit weeks ago, where L recreated the million pizza munch.

So, although the food scene outside the resorts in Aruba is delicious and exciting as we have detailed in a previous post, the Holiday Inn with the all inclusive option proved to be quite rewarding too, and doesn’t stop you from venturing out to your favourite offsite treats for a couple of nights.

Those pizzas aren’t going to eat themselves (though they would if they could!), get to the HI Aruba as soon as you can!

K&L 😀


Like a Boss!

Boss HogsBoss Hog’s Smokin’ Chophouse that is! Well, superfoodies finally headed a bit further west than we usually do to attend a happy 40th 🙂 in London, ON, on Saturday. Excellent party, interesting people, and an actual bar set up (nice!)… superfoodies took particular advantage of that feature, and our wise and caring host took care of our cab ride back to the hotel. This kind of Saturday however, leads to the inevitable “Sunday Morning After”, and this time was no exception.

The only thing that will expel us from our hotel room earlier than checkout time is an overwhelming need to find a “cure” for what ails us! We set out just before 11 and had no plan in mind.  We pulled into a Golden Griddle, but neither of us really wanted to go that predictable route.  We searched the google machine while in the parking lot, and found a little diner not too far away where we could get some standard, but hopefully less chain-like, breakfast fare.

On the way there, we spotted a sign that is a nickname of one of the kiddos and while we pulled in to take a pic, we spotted a little BBQ joint… and though just 11 am… it was open! Score! Lets have some ribs 🙂

Boss Hog’s had obviously gotten a head start on the rest of the city, since the 15-20 table, clean, and nicely decorated joint, was still empty. We were quickly greeted and told to sit where we liked.  Menus in hand, a drink offer was met with my usual answer on days like these: a caesar with extra spice, and L went with club soda.

When the drinks arrived, we mostly knew what we wanted… and then the server mentioned that it just happened to be all you can eat rib day. Um, easy call for L, he went with that, and I got the rib and brisket combo with a side of sweet potato fries and mayo, and the fries just happened to be my favourite: lattice! We also had to go with the Loaded Potato Soup to share for a starter.

The caesar went down fast, and was delicious and spiced perfectly… tasted like a couple more, but a long car ride ahead steered me to a soda instead. The soup arrived and it was as great as loaded potato soup should be, so let me point out the best reason to order it: it is loaded with pulled pork, not just a little garnish on top. We are already feeling a million times better. As we waited for our entrees, the country music played, and L regaled me with his extensive knowledge of the Smokey and the Bandit movies (1,2, AND 3) and the Dukes of Hazzard. The things you learn…

Here come the ribs… and brisket… etc… Big portions compared to the other smoke/bbq places we have previously reviewed here and the cost was comparatively lower.  Based on this, we thought it might not be as good as the other places, but have to say, it was fantastic.  Meat came off the bones easily, but the meat still held a solid, but tender texture. The sauce looked thick and super sweet, but it wasn’t at all, just tasty and added to the flavours instead of overwhelming. It had an undercurrent of vinegar and apple.  The brisket was thin sliced, and though I’m a fan of thicker, it was still enjoyable due to the pull apart, but still the right amount of chew going on, as well as a nice smoked flavour. Have to include a mention of the little corn bread muffin on my order too, just how I like it, didn’t crumble to dust when picked up and the right amount of sweetness.  Perfect.

L downed 2 plates of ribs and some brisket and lattice fries and made himself a “slider” with the last of the brisket and the soft little garlic bun on his plate and that was all folks! Over and out. So happy that we stumbled across a place with such great service and food. On the way out, noticed a truck full of wood and an add on to the restaurant, sporting a large chimney. We presumed that this was the “smoker” area and a new load of “fuel”. We were glad to see that they are obviously doing the real deal here. So head on in if you’re in the area… the Boss wants to see you.

K&L 😀

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The place so nice they named it twice! twice!

Burgers & Burgers ArubaHave to get a new post up now to push the previous post out of the top spot, since it has some negativity in it… and it’s been up long enough…be gone! (one post below lol)

Onto one of my favourite things to write about (mostly… I’m looking at you vanishing Snacky’s): Aruba food times!!! On one more sad note, our beloved Rembrandt Dutch restaurant, discovered the previous year, was now under “new management” which definitely did NOT mean “better” management.  So off we harrumphed, into the night, hungry and looking for somewhere to land. We wandered a bit, out of good ideas, new ideas etc… and eventually wound up at a place that we had checked out many times, and always bypassed for some reason. Not because there was anything really wrong with it, it just seemed to be very standard and unexciting.  It sure looked a lot better to us after a couple of growling trips up and down the main strip. What place is this you ask, that finally earned our resigned stamp of: oh I can’t walk another step, let’s just eat here! approval…? As I said, it’s named twice, and even named so in two ways… first way: Dushi Bagel and Burgers & Burgers, and therefore you guessed the second way: Burgers & Burgers.  Hmmm, not sure Burgers & Burgers is the most scintillating name, but dammit, you know what you’re getting… unless you’re there for the bagels, then you know they will be Dushi bagels.  (Dushi is a word in the Papiamento language of Aruba)

Anyway, in we went, and it was clean and elevated from the street a bit, and for some reason they had an Oktoberfest thing going on (guess because it was October, I’m smart like that). Not terribly busy, and luckily that was reflected in the attentive service we received.

An awesome vodka and soda for L and a wine for me were quickly shuttled to the table.  We looked around and got an idea of how this food show was going to go, so L ordered a big double burger with cheese, and some gorgeous (don’t care if they come from a freezer) steak cut fries, and I got an Argentinean burger that came with a side of chimichurri and coleslaw.  The atmosphere slightly removed from the street, but with a full entertaining view, was quite perfect and relaxing as we waited for food to arrive. And it did 🙂 with the fun metal martini (or sundae perhaps?) shaped fry presenter, and big cutting boards with our lovely burgers perched on top. Did they look like prefab patties? Yep! Did we really care? Uh… no.  Did we remember to ask for a big squirt bottle of mayo like we had spotted at another table for our fries ? YES!

(Pictures first of course, now….) Dig in! It was exactly what we needed and expected. Standard goodness, nothing fancy, just good, reasonably priced food, and a really comfortable atmosphere that we would recommend if you just want a decent place to get some good food, hang out, and take in the street traffic… and also consume an entire bottle of mayo on your fries with no side eyes from your server 😀

K&L 😀

I’m sorry… but you’ve been CHOPPED

Chop Steakhouse BarLong time no post! Time to get back at it, but since I don’t like to post less than stellar reviews, well, I guess I’ve been procrastinating.

On the eve of our departure for Aruba, after much of our usual pre research, we chose to go to a restaurant called Chop Steakhouse Bar, located near our Toronto airport hotel. It appeared to have a menu and ambiance that superfoodies would appreciate.  We arrived via a quick cab ride and stepped inside. The decor was very slick yet not cold, and we were greeted swiftly and taken as requested to a table in the bar area, where we prefer to dine.

Drinks (vodka sodas) and wine ordered, we chose the Steakhouse Tomato Caprese Salad and Albacore Tuna Tataki to start. As I unfurled the cloth napkin towards my lap, a huge waft of fabric softener flew into my face.  I am particularly sensitive to this olfactory assault, and my nose started itching immediately.  Not pleasant, and very unnecessary when you are in the presence of food… don’t mask the smell of your foods with lavender! or mountain breeze… or ocean tide… yuck. Now back to the food.  The salad arrived, looked nice, but also made with what looked like pearl bocconcini out of a tub, but not put off… yet. We started eating and it was super cold, like meat locker fridge cold, which doesn’t allow the flavours to meld or be tasted properly.  The final unfortunate part of this dish? Of the 3 slices of tomato on the plate, 2 had huge cores in them (see pic below).  Really??? The dish is all about the tomato (and the cheese, but I already went there). Now I have joked that in every regular salad, I always seem to get a slice with core, but it is not the highlight in these cases, so whatever.  A restaurant trying to be a high end competitor though?… really not acceptable.

Onto the tataki… short and sweet: good enough, BUT icy icy cold. Again, I would prefer it closer to room temp, or cool, but this was straight out of a fridge and onto a plate.  Maybe I don’t know enough about the appropriate temp of tataki, so feel free to chime in! (of course the scented napkin irritant kept making it’s presence known, periodially sending a perfumey taste onto my tongue).

We decided to take one more shot at the menu, going with the server’s recommendation of Steak Bites. They were exactly as advertised: soft, steaky goodness with delicious dip, and an appropriate temperature.  Score 1.

At the end of it all, while talking with the server about the whole experience, including the hyper scented napkin, the cooooold food, the large tomato cores (which could only be conspicuous on the plate as it was removed), it was mostly met with an “I understand, thanks for the feedback” and a shrug.  Having worked for many years in restaurants, I did make an effort to present it just as information with a hint of how it gave us a less than positive feeling about our night (meaning we will not likely go back). For you readers though, maybe these things aren’t a problem, and you will test drive it yourself, but as I said, for us, Chop… has been chopped!

K&L 😀
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Bao Down to Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi BoysWe took a trip to The Big Smoke (aka Toronto) recently to catch the Pat Benatar concert (excellent we might add!), which also resulted in us having the good fortune to be right in the vicinity of another Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here” establishments: Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop!

We’ve never had a banh mi, or bao for that matter, so as a morning after feed, why not opt for something new and interesting? Okay, well, sometimes the answer to trying new stuff is definitely a big fat “NO”… as hollered from the night before’s excessive drinks, that you have no choice but to obey in the harsh light of day. This day though, yes, new and interesting squeaked in, barely.

Off L went to procure, and as is tradition, I waited for the tasty (hopefully), new surprises to arrive.  As usual, since we often make deliberate, informed choices about where we eat, the food did not disappoint.  So, we tried 2 steamed bao buns, one with pulled pork and one with beef cheeks.  As a great added bonus, L decided that we had to have the kimchi fries!  Definitely appreciated from a morning point of view.

So, the official opinions on the food are: the two bao, good, but I would have liked the buns to be warm, they were quite cool, like they had come out of a fridge, and they were fairly small, so maybe a third would have been enough. The fillings though, were rich and tasty, and the consistency of the bite of the bao was soft and yet substantial.  The kimchi fries however, were (almost) perfection! Well cooked, just the right amount of crunch and skin left on them, the toppings were fantastic: kimchi, pulled pork, and mayo. The only note, if there is one, is L was asked about spice level, I’m not sure what part of the order they were referring to, the fries or the buns, but after indicating we wanted SPICY, none of it was particularly hot. If we were home, we would have remedied that on our own, but it was still much enjoyed and we would go back. Would definitely go for a banh mi sandwich next time, and would always include a re acquaintance with the kimchi fries. You can’t miss ’em if you don’t try ’em.

K&L 😀
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Time to Tacobout Ahora

Ahora Mexican Cuisine

E and H at Ahora

Back to Ottawa for quick post about a little place called Ahora Mexican Cuisine. Kiddo recommended, and had been anxiously awaiting our visit so she could take us there.

It is a very small, colourful venue, where you go up to a counter and order your food… very bright, and very busy… a testament to it’s quality of food and popularity. It is NOT romantic or cozy.  It looks like a place without the “beverage licencing” that superfoodies so love (if you know what I mean), but I was wrong! Delicious sangria was procured immediately. Then off to the salsa bar, totally fresh and tasty.  You can see in the pic below (yes, these pics are few, as in other Ottawa posts this visit, because of the camera card malfunction) you get little paper cups to fill with your selections.  There are lots of varieties of salsa as well as fresh herbs like cilantro (which makes L VERY happy, he loves the stuff) and of course nacho chips. Crispy and tasty… I’m fairly non judgmental about nacho chips… I find unless they’re stale, they’re hard to mess up.

Then time for main dishes. Now if I had pics, I could remember exactly what we ordered, but time has faded my thoughts slightly, quite sure it was burritos and enchiladas. Don’t get the idea though that the food isn’t memorable, it was very well made, good portions (L and I shared, as is our tradition when we are scaling back) and good value.  We would definitely go back, especially for the salsa bar. Hey, turns out there’s another kind of bar that we like! Who knew!

K&L 😀
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Back to Back BBQ

Fatboys Southern SmokehouseThough the posts are getting a bit out of sequence with this choice, I thought it would be a good idea to follow up the last post with one about another Ottawa BBQ joint: Fatboys Southern Smokehouse! This visit was just after the great SD camera card crash of 2013, so we actually have pictures courtesy of L’s phone.  Could be considered an advantage for Fatboys since the pics from last post are sorely deficient, but on the other hand, Fatboys is a couple of streets out of the main Byward Market drag, so it loses a bit on the “findability” score. In fact the only reason we knew it existed was because L and I saw their Fatboys vehicle parked at a Good Life Fitness we found to work out at while away from home.

Arrived to see a very large, well appointed (albeit mostly empty) patio, but headed inside for a cooler lunch experience during the heatwave.  Restaurant was large and pretty quiet too.  Looks very much like a comfortable typical chain, with lots of funny signs etc., but after some research, it appears to be the only one. Certainly could convert to a recognizable chain though, based on what we saw.  Service was very friendly and fast, the menu was interesting, and the prices were reasonable.

With a small pitcher of tasty, yet standard sangria to start, we finally settled on our food choices.  After a ton of flip flopping (can’t believe L was actually contemplating ordering some type of Club Wrap… don’t care if the chicken was smoked or not!) I went with a brisket sandwich, kiddo had the southern fried chicken with a kick, and L chose the Memphis barbeque spaghetti. For sides, it was smoked bacon mac and cheese, Kansas city corn bread, and tangy coleslaw.

Everything appeared without too much of a wait, and it looked rich and crunchy and saucy and all things bbq delicious! Mac and cheese: smooth, cheesy, bacony… corn bread: soft and just enough sweet, and slaw? well always a good addition! The chicken was super crunchy and did have a nice spice kick, brisket sandwich was rich, buttery and the right amount of pull, not too soft, and what can I say about the spaghetti, tasty, unique and a fun change from regular pasta dishes. Did I just about forget to mention dessert??? L and kiddo had to try the deep fried Oreos. I like the take they have on the standards, and also the fact that the portions are not huge and the price is right.

Definitely give this place a sauce covered thumbs up, and hope that people will make the extra effort to go a couple of streets out of the way to get there. You need some Fatboys and Fatboys needs you!

K&L 😀
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Up in Smoque!

Smoque ShackAn apt title for this 50th post that brings good food and bad news.  On our recent trip to Ottawa, we visited quite a few exceedingly delicious new (to us) food spots. At the end of the trip, unfortunately, my camera card became corrupted (thank goodness I regularly put my pics on my computer) and while I used free software called ZAR 9 to recover the data, the newest pics did not come back very well, and I had not transferred those yet 😦 . So what this all means is that there will be posts of the adventures, but you may notice the pics are few and a bit funny looking, since I will still include whatever was still there, for better or worse. Now onto the post!

Lets start off with the Smoque Shack, as seen on one of our go to food shows: You Gotta Eat Here. We had been contemplating where to get some good bbq and this place didn’t disappoint.  It was fairly quiet in the restaurant, we were there around 2:30 though and started with some meat filled bloody caesars. Wow! So glad this pic was saved. What a treat, and practically a meal in itself.  L got his usual vacation beverage treat, sangria. Now I should mention that we were supposed to be going to the ever included Alirang for dinner in a few hours, but that didn’t stop us. We’re superfoodies dammit! I have to mention the service was excellent and helpful.  We chose a sharing platter with 3 meats: L chose the pork side ribs, kiddo chose the jerk pork and I wanted the burnt brisket ends.  Tangy coleslaw and fried pickles made up the sides.

The food arrived quickly, and we appreciated the large hand wipes included with the napkins, anticipating how messy we would be at the end of the feast. Portions weren’t bad, could have had more ribs of course, and we all gravitated to one of the meats, and surprisingly not the ones we chose, so no fights broke out over the last piece of pork. Having limited experience with bbq restaurants, but lots with food in general of course, I (and the others) thought the food was great. One recommendation vs. a criticism though, would be to substitute the mini cibatta buns with some type of biscuit that is a little more appropriate to the bbq experience. While cibatta is delicious, it was a bit small and out of place.  In one of the messed up pics below, you can just see the part of the big plate of meats and one of the buns.

That’s the Smoque Shack… thumbs up on the food and service, but down on the malfunction with the pictures!  We have now decided to double up on the blog pics between L and I when we are going to do a post to avoid this problem in the future. I guess this just means we will have to make a return visit to click more pics and Smoque again.  And now below: the pics as they were partially recovered.

K&L 😀
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The Cheese Stands Alone!

Smoke's PoutinerieWhile in Montreal recently, as per the last post, we were on a bit of a food odyssey, determined to fulfill some of our outstanding hunts for certain dishes/flavours. After having stuffed ourselves on some delicious pizzas at Il Focolaio (recommended!) we headed back to the hotel and started to watch the Leafs (presented without further comment) and after putting on comfortable pants, decided that it was the time to stalk some poutine. Coats back on, out of the hotel we walked… and walked… and walked… who on earth knew it would be so damn hard to find obvious poutine in downtown Montreal????

I’m not sure if I am exaggerating, but I believe we had gone up and down each street over the course of half an hour with no luck.  Ready to give up, I said let’s go down this last street and if nothing, we go back empty handed.  Lo and behold, turned the corner and there was one of the new-ish Smoke’s Poutineries, a recognizable beacon that was also on our list to try (after first seeing it on Eat St.)  Our intention was to have a more local experience, but we had lost the will to continue searching, and here was a chance to cross another place off the list.  In we went.

The long list of choices on the menu was mesmerizing and tough to narrow down, but we settled on the double pulled pork (that’s pork and smoked bacon) and a traditional.  The service was very friendly and fast, the portions were big, no skimping and the prices were reasonable.  Off we set, back to the hotel, with our heavy and aromatic cargo.

We opened the containers, looked delicious! Took requisite pictures of course, then proceeded to dig in, sampling bits of both flavours.  Annnnd, welllll, it was okay… after all it is fries, gravy, cheese, pork! But it wasn’t wow.  We agreed the fries maybe had too much skin still on them, a little too hard, and that’s what we ultimately pegged as the problem. Thumbs up though for the squeeky curds! We polished off the toppings and left the rest, then fell into an immediate food coma.  Couldn’t even finish the little glasses of wine we had poured, but the $3.50 hotel fridge Perriers were very welcome before the blackness set in. 

Now cut to the next day, where after some shawarma and garlic potatoes, we made a very long trek to Moe’s Diner on Lambert for a different kind of poutine experience, as recommended by resident Montreal kiddo. Moe’s is the ultimate hole in the wall and not for the clean obsessed or germaphobes. We ordered one poutine and after a brief wait, we received a paper bag with the old school metal takeout container with the cardboard lid. Perfect!

It was time to set off for home.  The poutine beckoning from the back seat.  At the first stop for gas etc. about 45 mins or so into the trip, the pull to devour was too strong to resist.  Container ripped open and forks in hand, we ate the soft, squishy, gooey contents and felt the satisfaction of the craving that had not been squelched the night before. What Moe’s lacked in appearance in every way (except the container of course) it made up for in the taste that we were looking for in a poutine.  Moe’s was the clear winner! Even the kiddo was scarfing at an unusual rate of speed.  Now you know: the cheese stands alone at Smokes, so you’re gonna want some Moe!

K&L 😀
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May the Schwartz be with you!

Schwartz's DeliWe recently made an excursion to Montreal to see L’s other kiddo in his natural habitat (since he always heads our way. Well, at least since I’ve known him!) and naturally in the course of a visit, one must eat, so we decided to hit up a legend in the smoked meat world: Schwartz’s! (when in Montreal, eat Montreal smoked meat… it’s a no brainer, though hometown Montrealer and vegetarian kid had never partaken before, and decided it was time to take the plunge and try a bit. That’s the power of the Schwartz!) We made our way there on a Saturday just before noon and stood behind a few people outside (it was a beautiful day… finally!) waiting to get in.  I was kind of surprised, as this place is the place to visit. Where were the masses I expected to see??? Is this place not all it’s cracked up to be?

So about 10 minutes later at the most we were led into the very small and very full restaurant, sporting decor that would support the claim of 80 years in business. Plain, not modern, but clean, and gets the job done of serving people well, and fast. As our table had 6 seats (most did) another couple was tagged onto the end, unexpected, but that’s how it works there, they fill every last seat and it isn’t designed for the leisurely or those who need their “space”.  Server arrived with pad, pen and waited for someone to say something! My mouth opened, but I didn’t know what to order, I just knew there were terms for what to get and I had forgotten what they were.  During the awkward pause he asked us if it was our first time. YES!!!! So he explained that you order a sandwich lean, medium or fatty and that medium was most popular.  You also had to have the black cherry soda (kiddos did, we had our usual soda soda haha) and of course had to have the fresh cut fries… and he told us we were getting a pickle… and a coleslaw! It was funny to be told what we were ordering, but that’s part of the pageantry I think.

Food arrived fairly quickly and looked delicious (FYI there is no spicy mustard, just mustard. What would you want to screw it up with spicy mustard for, which I wanted to, but now understand why they don’t carry it.)  Now I have had lots of pastrami and smoked meat sandwiches in my day, but truly nothing compares to this meat.  It was rich and flavourful and, well, greasy isn’t the word, but it has a fatty taste (a good one!) that makes you instantly realize that the stuff you’ve eaten your entire life is now going to taste like crap! And what needs to be said about fresh cut fries, they are a wonderful treat as always and attempting to fool yourself into thinking you will just split an order is really just a big unnecessary lie that will only last until the plate is approximately half empty. One more order please. Pickle: top notch. Coleslaw: good, but was not the star of their menu.

Devouring took very little time, and we left feeling happy to have made it to another food adventure on our list, full of deliciousness…. AND GRATEFUL WE SHOWED UP WHEN WE DID! Now there were the masses I was expecting to see, waiting outside, saying with their eyes: hey, another table just opened up! Only 45 more minutes to wait now! The early superfoodie catches the smoked meat!

K&L 😀
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