Now THAT’S Amore!

Amore Mio ArubaMama Mia it’s been a long time! I had to look back to check, and it was a looooong way back! Hope everyone has been enjoying awesome foodie adventures in 2015. Which brings us to a delicious little authentic brick wood over pizza (and more) joint in our favourite place: Aruba!

We had visited Amore Mio Pizzeria Napoletana on a previous vacation, and L was itching to go back, so back we went… with clearer heads this time, as opposed to the previous beverage fueled, late night experience we had there.

The atmosphere was very bustling and energetic, tables very full, but we were seated after only a few minutes. We were approached quickly for drinks (big plus) and had 2 Argentinian Malbecs in our hands within minutes. Big, bold taste fit for the flavours of the evening.  I noticed a fresh crab appetizer on the menu, and suggested to L since he is such a fan, and within minutes a large plate of crab pieces on a big bed of crisp, fresh, romaine was delivered. More crab than I expected, with a nice dressing/dip on the side. Perfect! Enough to stave off the appetites that were starting to gnaw, barely dulled by the wine, which usually quells the hunger pangs.

Onto the main event, and though it was tremendously busy, and they were super efficient, we didn’t really feel inappropriately rushed. Two more glasses of wine and an order placed for a Diavola: Fresh Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and Imported Spicy Italian Salami.  No changes, no additions, straight up! And it was beautiful 🙂 the crust was crispy, bubbly, perfectly cooked. We added some spicy olive oil and some hot crushed chili flakes (we do have a hard time staying away from those!) and it was everything we hoped for and “remembered” from the last time.

One more glass of wine to share and sadly, it was over. So happy that it was great food, as well as a great service experience. The prices are in line with other establishments in the area, so the quality, and the fact that they are open later than a lot of places, would set Amore Mio apart from others that are similar. So take a stroll there for dinner, or stumble over later for a life giving, late night, pizza chaser! You may not remember, but you won’t regret going!

K&L 😀


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