It’s allll Greek to us

Chef Tommy'sHad to go with the tried and true phrase to name this post.  This outing was a combination of birthday celebration of one kiddo, and also somewhere interesting and new to celebrate hitting 15000 clicks for this very blog.  We were marking every thousand clicks, but as interest ramps up, we have now settled on every 5000 for now.  So here we are, trying a local Greek restaurant that has been open some time now, but we hadn’t made it to quite yet. It comes with the unlikely name of “Chef Tommy’s“, and resides in a defunct Taco Bell believe it or not.

Atmosphere/decor was in the spirit of what I would expect in a Greek restaurant. Staff very welcoming, helpful with the menu, even with a bit of a language barrier, but no real issue communicating ultimately. This ain’t no cookie cutter chain establishment.

We had to have Saganaki (flame included at this place, which was cool!) and one of my faves, Dolmades, both delicious as they should be. Then we all ordered from the Specialties menu, 2 Shrimp Saganakis, a Papoutsaki and I rounded out the choices with a Lamb Kleftiko.  We were mostly full from the appetizers, which included endless and tasty servings of pita triangles, and salads, etc. and everyone made a solid effort on the entrees, which looked and tasted fantastic, but I have to say, my Lamb Kleftiko, with its gorgeous, rich flavour, and thin, crunchy envelope of filo was the highlight of all of the dishes, and I would highly recommend you try it.

Dessert was still attempted, despite my previous paragraph outlining our already straining appetites and waistbands. Have to always try the baklava, which was okay, but again, not my favourite as far as my tastes in baklava go, a little too gooey, fruit cakey, but others did enjoy it. We also asked about their Greek coffee. Is it the cup of dark, richness with the puddle of mud at the bottom? Yes! So of course we had one, it really has a different flavour than any other coffee I’ve had. Our waiter said that people read the mud (grounds) when the drink is finished, so he came by and flipped the cup upside down and then returned a short while later.  You know, I don’t remember what the reading was, but if it involved money or fame or great, spontaneous muscle growth with no effort at all, welllllll, none of those things happened, but it was a fun end to the dinner none the less.

So there it is, another food fest for hitting another click milestone, and of course the birthday thing in there too 🙂 Ahhh now I remember what the reading was… it predicted that we will visit Chef Tommy’s again!

K&L 😀

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Can Teddy’s Bear the Competition?

Teddys Restaurant & DeliAs is mostly a loosely established tradition now, when we reach each thousand click milestone (the more you click, the more we eat by the way!), we celebrate with some tasty adventure… and it usually involves food in bags, ferried home like treasure. Nine thousand wasn’t any different when we hit up Teddy’s Restaurant & Deli to put their smoked meat to the test against Schwartz’s and Caplanski’s. We ordered two sandwiches, full fat!, as we have learned this is our preferred experience with this particular treat (extra fat is always better flavour than too little, so we stay on the safe side). Also part of the package was a straight up salad with their memorable house dressing that I really wanted L to try, since it was so garlicky and delicious as I recalled. He had not been to Teddy’s since he was a teenager and it had been some time since I had been as well… as they have that lack of beverage licencing that I so appreciate.

Food home, unwrapped and in hand, it looked great… and different.  The smoked meat was much more thinly sliced than any of the others that we had tried elsewhere.  Big bites taken… wow! Really rich and flavourful, and the thinner slicing made it easier to bite without tearing out more than you want. Big thumbs up, and then the realization that we have fabulous smoked meat sandwiches available locally… any time we want them… even when we shouldn’t be eating them, if you get the drift of the problem 🙂 Onto the salad: good, standard salad, but it was the dressing that was to be the star.  Unfortunately it lacked something, maybe the old garlic level, I don’t know. L really liked the bits of cheese in it though and enjoyed it more than I did, since he wasn’t making the same comparison that I was. Still good of course, but not something I would now go out of my way to have again soon.  But the smoked meat… well, that one is still unfortunately? fortunately? a taste that will keep us going back for that full fat.

K&L 😀
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Clickety Click – Burger Trick

Baldwin Street BurgerYou clicked and we made burgers magically disappear! We hit another 1000 clicks a few weeks ago and you guessed it: (did you???): it was a special burger foodie reward 🙂 . Had been hunting a Baldwin Street Burger experience for awhile now, ever since a coworker made me aware of the existence of some fantastic burger products in our vicinity. Finally, a day when a burger feast would be suitable presented itself, and off L went with Little K to pick up the works.

The online menu was studied and the firm selection was a French Onion burger for L and I to share (double patty of course!), and a Ceasar burger for the kiddo.  Fries were also a solid choice, unpoutined though, since we had recently performed some delicious poutiney evaluations, as you can read in a previous post. Beyond that, my only other request was a milkshake… vanilla… but ONLY if they were homemade.

I sat at home waiting… anxiously… hungrily… with only one note during that time telling me that yes, they were in fact homemade milkshakes! Woo hoo! Haven’t had one of those in a verrrrry long time. And anticipation grew.  Finally the door opened and in walked pristine white bags with little black stickers with little white cow logos on them… I guess L and kiddo were there too??? I was a little too hyper focused to notice.

So out came the loot.  Burgers and fries (with curry ketchup), shakes and what?? deep fried pickles and onion rings. We all dove in and wow! what an overload of fantastic! The burger tastes like french onion soup… on a burger. That’s the only way to describe it. The ceasar (as in salad) burger was great too. Also can’t say enough about the quality of the patty and the fact that there was still pink inside instead of the usual cooked to death greyness that is the norm around here. Fries? Great, thin cut, lots of them and they hit the spot.  Milkshake was top notch and tasted like I remembered, and expected, if it is in fact homemade: ice creamy, thick enough etc. The surprise though was the 3$ order of deep fried pickles. Bigger breading, well cooked, lots of crunch and how can you beat the price? Onion rings had the same breading and were delicious too.

Since you don’t need to wait for a thousand clicks like we did, I highly recommend you go to Whitby (Brooklin) asap, and stop in at Baldwin Street Burger for a very mooooooooooooving experience!

K&L 😀
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Another 1000 clicks = lababdar!

The Indian KitchenSo another 1000 clicks on the blog… K&L get a special scooby snack! Thanks to all of our visitors! This time it was in the form of delicious Indian food from our all time, can’t be beat, Indian restaurant: The Indian Kitchen, located in Thornhill, and I believe they have opened another Toronto area location, but I am not sure where.  Their old website link doesn’t seem to work, but the yelp link I have provided shows some delicious pics of their dishes.

We picked up the usual favourites: lababdar (creamy, tomatoey goodness with a slight heat), murgh multani, which I just call green chili chicken (a dry, tandoor, very spicy chicken dish), and finally decided to try their tandoori chicken, which I had only had there once, a long time ago.  Foolishly, we did not indulge in any breads (the paratha is the best I’ve had anywhere) or rice… which always leads to a puzzled response from the staff… I’m sure that very few order the food without those accompaniments, and I do recommend them highly, we were just keeping a bit restrained for that visit.

The Indian Kitchen

Since we decided to just get the food to go, it was a long ride home with the tasty cargo in the back seat, but well worth the wait when we served it up along with a nice red wine. So after sufficiently stuffing ourselves, we enjoyed immediately retiring to our living room, instead of having the long, full drive ahead of us. All in all an excellent celebration of racking up another 1000 clicks. I will mention that the prices do seem to have gone up a bit since we were last there, but with it being a place we only visit a couple of times a year, it’s still worth it for the quality of the food.  As for some of the bad reviews I have come across, I have been going there for over 10 years, and the familiar group of staff that were there for a long time seem to be gone, but I have no real complaints about the service relative to anywhere else.  I would always recommend it as a top spot for delicious Indian food.  If you do go, be sure to ask for extra mint chutney that they usually bring with the poppadums, it is outrageously tasty! Looking forward to wherever we end up after the next round of clicks…

K&L 😀
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Sinatras VealAnd we don’t mean the restaurant! We decided when we hit 5000 views/clicks we would indulge in either an old favourite we hadn’t had in awhile, or a new place we had been meaning to get to.  Oldest kiddo got a gleam in her eye when she heard this, and she was instantly instructed to not artificially inflate our numbers (though the unspoken offer of acceleration was appealing haha).

A couple of weeks ago we hit that number! (… as always, thanks for viewing!). We had already written the names of the places on pieces of paper, folded them up, and put them in a tupperware bowl, awaiting the draw.  L got to choose… well, he held the container and my younger kiddo plucked one out… which was quickly unfolded, and the winner was: SINATRAS!!!! a small Italian sandwich shop making a classic veal sandwich that we had not tried, but had heard a lot about.

L made a trip there while I waited at home.  I gave some input as to what I was looking for, but since he was picking it up, he had the final say. I will add that I was pretty sure what would be his input.  He returned with a sandwich-filled heavy brown bag full of delicious promise.  As I suspected, although the sandwich is already a monster, he still got double meat, and also had every topping available added as well.  I wanted an order of the spicy olives and they did not disappoint: firm, with a light oil and perfect level of spice.  Will be going back for those at the very least. He also got the soup of the day, pasta fagioli, which was good, but not the highlight.

So onto the sandwich.  It was huge and delicious, the veal was quite tender, the toppings were tasty, the only thing we would do if ordered again was get more sauce on it, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. We will Sinatras again another day, but not for awhile… it is a heavy hitting sandwich that needs pacing on it’s consumption intervals.  The name did not go back in the container, the rest still await, and we will draw again when we hit 6000 so click away 🙂 and of course “try the veal!”

K&L 😀
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