HI and HI Again

SeaBKsteakAnother long overdue post! So overdue in fact, that we have visited twice now, and I will in fact be heavily referencing the original visit, since I wasn’t able to get to all of the things that I wanted to revisit on round 2. And where is this place that I speak of? Aruba of course, and the Holiday Inn Resort more specifically.

Originally, we did some recon last March/April to check out the “updated” Holiday Inn, and to give an all inclusive a try, with the hopes of maybe bringing all the kiddos with us in the fall. It went so well, that we booked a trip for the seven of us for the fall, right from the hotel room via Skype.

Since this is a food blog, I’ll leave the long hotel description to our TripAdvisor post, and focus on the food/beverage situation.

Where to start! Well, drinks were plentiful, as creative as could be if requested, and more than strong enough.  Banana daquiris and sangria were always great treats, and they always had plenty of Pino Grigio on hand for me, vodka and sodas for L. I was particularly fond of their sangria recipe, as it had lots of bits of fruit, a nice taste of cinnamon, and not too sweet.

The food was more than satisfactory, delicious on the whole in fact, but lets be honest, not gourmet, nor did we need or expect it to be.

Here’s the 411:

Corals Buffet Breakfast: Plentiful, lots of variety, with the highlight being little arepas, as well as shredded beef, which made appearances at most of our AM adventures.

Corals Buffet Dinner: Standard fare, good for families and kids, and they had Bitterballen! Dutch treat of scalding lava meat/gravy balls. *for goodness sakes wait till the damn things cool down before biting!*

Oceanside Bar: Spent quite a few afternoons there, delicious Greek salad with sooooft pita and tasty dressing (this was not on the menu on our fall trip), overly heavy, greasy fish and chips, wings, which I liked, but L wasn’t as keen on, they remind me of the Fried Chicken TV Dinner! Giant chocolate chip cookies, that were okay, but not quite worth the calories/sugar coma, hot dogs and quesadillas also very delicious. Gyro which we tried in the fall: Superb!

Seabreeze Restaurant: Great for lunch or dinner, wonderful open wall restaurant, fantastic service, enjoyed the salmon, steaks, fried chicken, the Aruban Cuban sandwich and many other dishes, all presented beautifully and no real gongs on anything… oops except the tuna tartare, which just had a little too much sesame oil on it. And the desserts! Wow, we don’t usually indulge, but… coconut creme brulee, cheesecake, pineapple carpaccio with ice cream, and who could forget the key lime pie.  Just amazing, and don’t forget to add a delicious espresso to round out the flavours. Special mention to Eddy, he goes above and beyond and we were grateful for his extra assistance when we needed it.

And now the unexpected best for last: Pizza Now! A service at the Seabreeze and Oceanside Bar where you can get a million pizzas (okay, not that many, but L did try to hit that number) brought to you whenever you wanted! Oh the joy of the thin, crispy, hot crust, topped with either a standard assembly from the menu, or design your own. I cannot do the taste of these things justice here. The brilliant bonus for us was the fact that they have big bowls of chili flakes on request, and the spicy deliciousness of this was almost too much to bear. They haunted us from spring until our recent revisit weeks ago, where L recreated the million pizza munch.

So, although the food scene outside the resorts in Aruba is delicious and exciting as we have detailed in a previous post, the Holiday Inn with the all inclusive option proved to be quite rewarding too, and doesn’t stop you from venturing out to your favourite offsite treats for a couple of nights.

Those pizzas aren’t going to eat themselves (though they would if they could!), get to the HI Aruba as soon as you can!

K&L 😀


Grill of My Dreams

Korean Grill House… or of our dreams.  We love our meat and we love our BBQ. Add in a Korean touch and you have a perfect superfoodies scene. So a few weeks ago superfoodies ventured to Toronto with Little K in tow, to pick up her surprise guitar gift, and we decided that if we were going to eat there, we might as well go somewhere that we would enjoy (of course!), that would take us some time, and provide some “pageantry”.  Oh, and not be somewhere we could eat closer to home. We settled on the Korean Grill House, which has several locations throughout Toronto, and one right near the music store that we needed to wind up at.

It was another freezing, windy day of 2014, but luckily, clear and sunny, so the drive was easy… but the walking was another story.  We parked and headed the few blocks to the restaurant and were happy to arrive and get seated somewhere warm, with a table in front of us, that would soon be hot and flamey!

This location is not a fancy one, but not looking for fancy either, so no worries.  The other locations may have a more upscale look, but I’ve never been to another one. Ordered beverages, all reasonably priced and a very decent selection of non alcohol choices as well. And then the table was lit!

The process for the all you can eat selection is: you get papers with all available selections, then you write the number of servings you want, of what you want, in the boxes, and then once picked up, your orders appear very quickly.  Lots of raw meats (we typically have korean beef ribs, beef, chicken, pork, salmon, white fish, sausage) and we tried a new cube ground meat this time as well.  On the extras, we like rice, lots of kimchi, spicy spouts and radishes, potatoes etc. As long as you fill out the papers, the dishes keep arriving.

We grilled up quite a few bowls of meat and fish and downed a lot of extras, but it’s nice to have a leisurely lunch and an activity to go along with it.  The restaurant did start to fill up as we were there, it was fairly empty at 11:30 ish when we arrived.  I know from experience it fills up at dinner time as well, quite a busy place. In the warmer weather, not as big a deal as in the colder times when you may find yourself waiting in a windy entrance area.

We finally backed away from the chopsticks (I vow to keep practicing my skills!), paid our very reasonable bill, and headed off into the tundra to pick up what may have been one of the very few Blue Burst Ovation Acoustic-Electric guitars to be found for purchase in Ontario, or perhaps Canada! So pretty! And very appreciated by a surprised Little K.

We can’t help but try to figure out how to get a hot, flamey grill installed in the table in our house (soooo not kidding, we really have thought about it), but until then, we’ll depend on the Korean Grill House… Get grilling at a location near you!

K&L 😀
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Wing’n It!

T-fal ActifryOn the heels of the last post about the superproduct! T-fal Actifry, I figured I may as well have a little write up about the last thing we cooked in there… which was wings! Delicious, glorious wings…

L procured a couple of pounds from a farm in our area and as usual, is really persistent about us enjoying them as soon as possible (he really digs wings… so do I) After some fridge defrosting, we cook them in the oven for a bit first, so the Actifry doesn’t have to run forever.  This was a batch of fairly small wings, so about 20 mins or so in the oven at 300 works just fine. After removing, it is important to pat them dry before putting them into the Actifry “belladrome”, since you want them to crisp, not steam! But for goodness sakes, don’t SQUEEZE them when drying! The reason for that should be obvious… same reason you don’t squash your burger patties with a spatula when you cook them. Just say no to removing all flavourful cooking juices from your meats… m’kay?

I spooned a few scrapes of coconut oil around and about the soggy looking, circular assembly of chicken, closed the lid, and let em go for around half an hour, with no intervention required from me.

Time’s up! The lid opens to the crispy, golden brown bounty.  Into the bowl they go, and are then liberally coated with our favourite topping (as noted in previous post for Shagwell’s wings) roasted red pepper, with a touch of cayenne as well, to make it of the spicy persuasion.

The quantity was decidedly light in proportion to our appetites and enjoyment of the Actifry’s magic. It was all over so quickly in a whirlwind of gnashing and crunching. We debated, and decided that 3 times this amount would have been sufficient.

If you own one of these nifty devices and have some interesting, successful concoctions to share, please send them our way! We are happy to have more reasons to keep extracting value out of this pricey, but useful little gadget.

K&L 😀

superfoodies Shanksgiving!

Lamb ShanksShanksgiving (or it’s more well known name in the superfoodies’ household: “lamb shank night”) is one of our most important celebrations. It is the first dinner I cooked for L not long after we had met.  It also included beer cheddar soup to start, but the yearly tradition does not include that part as a standard. I also roasted garlic and made some spectacular mashed potatoes with it, but nope, also not mandatory, but you can see why he stuck around 😀 .

This year, we missed the date, then bought some shanks quite awhile later… and STILL didn’t get around to the concocting… so they chilled in our freezer… waiting for the call.  Finally, we realized we just needed to get them out and get on it, or we’d be eating them on the proper date a year later (well, we would have purchased some fresh ones if we did wait that long… months of living in the Kenmore side-by-side would not make for an optimal taste experience)

Foraged around the still fairly new, and therefore rearranged (read: I still can’t find a damn thing), kitchen for the good old hard copy of the Rosemary Braised Lamb Shanks recipe, and went to work.

I mostly follow the recipe quite accurately, and it turns out as we like it, but of course adjust it where you need to, or like.  I used powdered thyme (feeling cheap about throwing out a mostly full package of fresh, since it won’t get used), but used fresh rosemary, even though I WILL throw most of that out, because dammit, it’s in the name of the recipe! I do however use less than is called for, as it can be a bit overpowering for us. Noticing the sauce was just a little thinner than we wanted this time, I did throw in a good teaspoon of potato starch to tighten it up and that did the trick.

The presentation was to be over a bed of boiled, mashed yuca/cassava, but as L started peeling, he realized it had gone bad, so we quickly cooked a packaged quinoa blend to substitute. Polenta would have been nice, but would have taken a bit too much thought for me to pull off.

All was rich, and flavourful, though the shanks were not quite as soft as I prefer them, but that is my only real criticism. Of course we paired dinner with a delicious bottle of red: one of our favourites: Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel.  L loved everything!

A few things learned from this episode of lamb shank night: it is a bit of a production, so pick up some really nice shanks from the butcher, no more vacuum sealed freezer packs, verify before you start to cook that your side dish has not decided to go south, and for goodness sakes, don’t wait 8 months past the anniversary date to celebrate!

Hope this inspires you to have your very own Shanksgiving!

K&L 😀

The place so nice they named it twice! twice!

Burgers & Burgers ArubaHave to get a new post up now to push the previous post out of the top spot, since it has some negativity in it… and it’s been up long enough…be gone! (one post below lol)

Onto one of my favourite things to write about (mostly… I’m looking at you vanishing Snacky’s): Aruba food times!!! On one more sad note, our beloved Rembrandt Dutch restaurant, discovered the previous year, was now under “new management” which definitely did NOT mean “better” management.  So off we harrumphed, into the night, hungry and looking for somewhere to land. We wandered a bit, out of good ideas, new ideas etc… and eventually wound up at a place that we had checked out many times, and always bypassed for some reason. Not because there was anything really wrong with it, it just seemed to be very standard and unexciting.  It sure looked a lot better to us after a couple of growling trips up and down the main strip. What place is this you ask, that finally earned our resigned stamp of: oh I can’t walk another step, let’s just eat here! approval…? As I said, it’s named twice, and even named so in two ways… first way: Dushi Bagel and Burgers & Burgers, and therefore you guessed the second way: Burgers & Burgers.  Hmmm, not sure Burgers & Burgers is the most scintillating name, but dammit, you know what you’re getting… unless you’re there for the bagels, then you know they will be Dushi bagels.  (Dushi is a word in the Papiamento language of Aruba)

Anyway, in we went, and it was clean and elevated from the street a bit, and for some reason they had an Oktoberfest thing going on (guess because it was October, I’m smart like that). Not terribly busy, and luckily that was reflected in the attentive service we received.

An awesome vodka and soda for L and a wine for me were quickly shuttled to the table.  We looked around and got an idea of how this food show was going to go, so L ordered a big double burger with cheese, and some gorgeous (don’t care if they come from a freezer) steak cut fries, and I got an Argentinean burger that came with a side of chimichurri and coleslaw.  The atmosphere slightly removed from the street, but with a full entertaining view, was quite perfect and relaxing as we waited for food to arrive. And it did 🙂 with the fun metal martini (or sundae perhaps?) shaped fry presenter, and big cutting boards with our lovely burgers perched on top. Did they look like prefab patties? Yep! Did we really care? Uh… no.  Did we remember to ask for a big squirt bottle of mayo like we had spotted at another table for our fries ? YES!

(Pictures first of course, now….) Dig in! It was exactly what we needed and expected. Standard goodness, nothing fancy, just good, reasonably priced food, and a really comfortable atmosphere that we would recommend if you just want a decent place to get some good food, hang out, and take in the street traffic… and also consume an entire bottle of mayo on your fries with no side eyes from your server 😀

K&L 😀

When a truck and superfoodies collide…

Urban Smoke Eat St.What an exciting day for superfoodies!  Turns out one of our favourite shows, Eat St., was filming in superfoodies’ land today! The truck: Urban Smoke Fusion BBQ woo hoo! As you may know from previous posts, we have put some tasty BBQ joints to the test, so always great to get another chance to taste a different interpretation of one of our favourite meat treats.

Unfortunately L could not be with me for this, so I had to go it alone.  Of course he was missed, but I persevered for the sake of the blog. I arrived early to see what was going on and how things are set up.  Fun to have an idea about how a show that you watch all the time is actually put together and filmed.  Host James Cunningham was not there 😦 and of course I remembered that he does his always funny intros, and then the actual truck scenes commence.

I finally get into the longish lineup and after awhile, as I inched towards the coveted front of the line, I had to lean over to the filming crew and tell them about our passion for food, our travel around food, based on Food Network shows, and obviously the fact that we blog it too. I was asked if I really had a blog 🙂 so I handed over our superfoodies card. And I was in! Yay! Very excited to get to do this since it is a pretty big hobby of ours. I signed the release form with a hand shaking with anticipation, and then I got to order.

A Dirty Bob (“with attitude”, for those who like it spicier) was my request.  This bad boy is a Grilled Beef Brisket sandwich on Texas toast with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions. Yes.  Have to put that brisket to the test.  Came with a side, so went with the now traditional coleslaw that we usually choose, though it could have also been fries or beans, nice selection. $10 gets you a decent portion which I happily collected at the window, ensconced in it’s very secure, environmentally friendly, dome (the sandwich, not the window!).  I walked over to the filming area and kept it sealed until it was time for the camera to roll.

Got a quick, interesting run down on how it works (look at the interviewer, NOT the camera) and describe with enthusiasm, of course, what you have and how it tastes!  So I opened the container to find a crunchy, buttery looking sandwich and a good portion of vinegar based (not mayo thank goodness) coleslaw.  Let the biting begin! MMmmm yes, crunchy bread, medium sliced brisket, the toppings did not overwhelm the meat (good call Urban Smoke) and smokey enough.  Only would have put a little more “attitude” on it if I could have.  We do like things a little over the top spicy. The coleslaw was perfect, very fresh and LOVE the addition of celery seed.

I discovered eating and chewing and speaking, with a camera very close to the mouth zone that these things are happening in, is first, a study in self consciousness… that was immediately overshadowed by a need to get all my words out and have fun! And I did have fun, and a new experience AND some damn tasty food 🙂 Really appreciate getting to be a part of it. Very big day for a true superfoodie.

So half of Dirty Bob and some slaw made it home for L to sample, as I regaled him with my excitement of the day, which he also enjoyed thoroughly, while holding our Eat St. street sign that he had made for our house last Christmas…yes, we are fans!

Thumbs up Eat St. and Urban Smoke… from the next Food Network star??? LOL a superfoodie can dream………………………

K&L 😀

Superfoodies celebrate “schmaltzy” first wedding anniversary!

Cakeface2013Wow a year has flown by since superfoodies’ wedding last June 1st! So the question of how to celebrate was unexpectedly upon us.  I would have been content with a fabulous dinner on the home front with a special wine selection, but we decided to go a bit bigger than that, and why not?  After some brief discussion, we decided to head back to a place we had stumbled upon on an earlier trip to Toronto and make a night of it.  A reservation at Pravda Vodka House for June 1st was booked. Vodka, perogies and A LOT of red Russian decor was the order of the night. As was rain…ugh… just like last year.

First stop in Toronto however, was a rushed visit to the St. Lawrence Market, since we were running late and it was going to close soon (which means the stands start putting away stock and closing up). It is not open Sundays, so going on our way out of town was not an option.  We grabbed a big tub of cilantro pesto, some sea bass and some veal chops plus a few other interesting odds and ends.  Before leaving, we quickly shared a delicious lobster roll and fries from Buster’s Sea Cove, then stuffed all the perishables into our portable electric cooler and checked into the hotel.

Onto Pravda! Made it there with only a half hearted attack by the rain.  A warm greeting and a short walk to a comfortable table near the street side window, and we were ready for our vodka number one… of many… I won’t go into all of the specifics, but bacon and cucumber vodkas were among the crowd. We shared a tasty charcuterie board and ahi tuna with perogies. All hit the spot (good flavour, well presented) and went well with the various vodkas.  A nice change from our usual wine accompaniments.

A highlight I would like to mention though, was the exceptional service.  They struck a perfect balance of engagement and leaving us to ourselves. I don’t think our glasses were ever empty.  They gave us a little tasty bite to sample when we had our first drink (trout tartare on a cracker with beluga lentils and crispy trout skin).  Surprisingly good when stuffed in all at once, and a lovely glass of champagne at the end to celebrate our anniversary.  I really recommend this place for an overall enjoyable experience.

Pravda Vodka Bar on Urbanspoon
Which brings us to “shmaltz”? “schmaltz”? I know there are other variations of the spelling and meaning, as I had a look around the internets on this one.  We had 2 kinds on the weekend: some sappy love stuff and of course some delicious chicken fat, as delivered by Caplanski’s Deli! Toronto’s answer to Schwartz’s in Montreal.

With some lasting effects from the previous night’s beverages, we were anxious to get some solid, meaty, fatty foods into us… and to finally see if we had a great smoked meat sandwich closer than 5 hours away in Montreal. Place was busy, but no wait, excellent service also.  Had regular smoked meat sandwich, fries, a smoked meat knish (first time trying, wow what a rich, gravy laden treat), slaw (agreeably one of the best ones that L and I have ever tried) and lots of pickles!!! Absolutely great! It deserves it’s reputation.  However, we felt that the regular smoked meat was just lacking a bit under Schwartz’s.  So after cleaning our plates, we ordered one more sandwich, full fat.  That was the ticket! On par with Schwartz’s, just needed the extra level of fat when at Caplanski’s.  They make a mean caesar too or two 🙂 hair of the dog works almost every time. We will definitely be going back there.

Caplansky's Delicatessen on Urbanspoon
So that’s our year one celebration! Oh and of course L recreated “cake face” when he happily defrosted the piece of year old wedding cake that had been hastily thrown in the freezer.  Same face… same taste.  Now lets see where year two takes us.

K&L 😀

May the Schwartz be with you!

Schwartz's DeliWe recently made an excursion to Montreal to see L’s other kiddo in his natural habitat (since he always heads our way. Well, at least since I’ve known him!) and naturally in the course of a visit, one must eat, so we decided to hit up a legend in the smoked meat world: Schwartz’s! (when in Montreal, eat Montreal smoked meat… it’s a no brainer, though hometown Montrealer and vegetarian kid had never partaken before, and decided it was time to take the plunge and try a bit. That’s the power of the Schwartz!) We made our way there on a Saturday just before noon and stood behind a few people outside (it was a beautiful day… finally!) waiting to get in.  I was kind of surprised, as this place is the place to visit. Where were the masses I expected to see??? Is this place not all it’s cracked up to be?

So about 10 minutes later at the most we were led into the very small and very full restaurant, sporting decor that would support the claim of 80 years in business. Plain, not modern, but clean, and gets the job done of serving people well, and fast. As our table had 6 seats (most did) another couple was tagged onto the end, unexpected, but that’s how it works there, they fill every last seat and it isn’t designed for the leisurely or those who need their “space”.  Server arrived with pad, pen and waited for someone to say something! My mouth opened, but I didn’t know what to order, I just knew there were terms for what to get and I had forgotten what they were.  During the awkward pause he asked us if it was our first time. YES!!!! So he explained that you order a sandwich lean, medium or fatty and that medium was most popular.  You also had to have the black cherry soda (kiddos did, we had our usual soda soda haha) and of course had to have the fresh cut fries… and he told us we were getting a pickle… and a coleslaw! It was funny to be told what we were ordering, but that’s part of the pageantry I think.

Food arrived fairly quickly and looked delicious (FYI there is no spicy mustard, just mustard. What would you want to screw it up with spicy mustard for, which I wanted to, but now understand why they don’t carry it.)  Now I have had lots of pastrami and smoked meat sandwiches in my day, but truly nothing compares to this meat.  It was rich and flavourful and, well, greasy isn’t the word, but it has a fatty taste (a good one!) that makes you instantly realize that the stuff you’ve eaten your entire life is now going to taste like crap! And what needs to be said about fresh cut fries, they are a wonderful treat as always and attempting to fool yourself into thinking you will just split an order is really just a big unnecessary lie that will only last until the plate is approximately half empty. One more order please. Pickle: top notch. Coleslaw: good, but was not the star of their menu.

Devouring took very little time, and we left feeling happy to have made it to another food adventure on our list, full of deliciousness…. AND GRATEFUL WE SHOWED UP WHEN WE DID! Now there were the masses I was expecting to see, waiting outside, saying with their eyes: hey, another table just opened up! Only 45 more minutes to wait now! The early superfoodie catches the smoked meat!

K&L 😀
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Connecticut… you’re out of order!

blackduck2012Totally out of order! Because we have to go waaaaay back to October 2012 for the goods on this post, despite already writing up the new years festivities. So…we had designs on revisiting friends and food down Connecticut way again, as we had the summer before (see posts Connecticut Connections and Hangover Town: Table for 2 ), but the summer got away from us and October ended up being the last month in the calendar that we were willing to make the drive before the risk of snow was in the mix.

Plans fell into place and we set out on the road early on a Friday morning, late October. The travel was long, but without issue and we got to try subs from a place called Jreck Subs, recommended by some contractors in Home Depot just after we crossed the boarder and thought there may be a Subway in there like there are in Canada. Now let me just say that in the states on the highway, there is a Subway about every mile it seems, so no problem finding our old familiar friend, but why not try something different. We thought they were saying “Direct Subs” so it’s lucky we actually found the right place! Italian subs on jalapeno sub bun… very delicious and different.

After many hours of driving, including locating a wine store near our destination to procure important supplies, we arrived at the hotel.  A quick beverage and freshening up and off we went to visit friends and critters. We got an awesome welcome from all! Then off to haunt the Black Duck again… this time I remember the food, but forgot to memorialize it with pictures.  All I can say is make sure you have their blue cheese dip, never had one as good as theirs anywhere! Great food and company and some late night visiting.  Turns out I’m allergic to something at the new place our friends moved to, but it was so warm that we could actually sit on the porch, which was the only way I would have been able to stay.

*Unfortunately, about a week later the Duck was almost under water due to Hurricane Sandy, and our friends were without power for quite a few days. They of course got through it with their usual sense of humour and if you can’t change it, just get on with it attitude!

Back to hotel… LATE! But up at okay time. Found a squash court/fitness centre to enjoy so we spent some time there “detoxifying”… I mean working out. We then decided we were too hungry, and it was too late to go back and get ready to go for lunch, so we went straight to the Valencia Luncheria, the delicious home of arepas and guasacaca sauce noted in our hangover post. And it wasn’t there!!! Is this another Snacky’s??? Nope, the arrow said it was just down the street and bigger and better than ever. And now licenced! Woo hoo! Batidos and sangria please! Along with all the other favourites from last year.

Later on, we had another visit where we were introduced to one of our now favourite cheeses: bellavitano balsamic vinegar , try it! Then we tried to go to  Wilson’s BBQ featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives, but they were closing. So we found a pizza place, oddly named World’s John’s Best Pizza, and ordered a large so we could have some for breakfast, but ate the whole thing… it was that good.

The next morning found us at Super Duper Weenie for our second visit before hitting the road for home.  We had a Chicago dog again, tried a Californian dog, and had some of their fresh cut fries.  Very tasty, but not the level of deliciousness of our experience the year before, when we wolfed our first Chicago dog in the jeep. A good base however for the long trip ahead.

Made it back to the great white north safe and sound. Very much enjoyed Connecticut 2012! Should we get an unexpected urge to drive about 20 hours in the span of a couple of days, we would go back there for sure! Hopefully the Duck is dry!

K&L 😀
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Bobby Flay Slays at MESA Grill

MESA Grill VegasAs more current posts pile up, we are back to Vegas as promised… to relive our visits to MESA Grill at Caesar’s. It was always in our plan to visit there and as it turns out, we had such a good time that we went twice, one of only two that made it into the rotation more than once. As is our tradition, we often sit at the bar when we are out and about and enjoy the fast, interesting service at the hands and wits of the bartenders.

This time was no different and we had a lot of fun being served by Nick!  We decided to have some light snacks to share on the first round, enjoying Blue Corn Lobster Tacos and the Tiger Shrimp Roasted Garlic Corn Tamales. Taste? Great! Portions? Smallish… but hey, that’s Vegas. And I guess you’re supposed to eat an entree after, so we can’t criticize not being stuffed!  We had not had a tamale before so it was a tasty introduction. The atmosphere at the bar was also busy, interesting, and entertaining thanks to Nick.

We had to make a return visit on the evening that we were flying home very late.  This time it was for entrees. No disappointment this time at all! The bread basket to start was delicious, but of note: the soft, chewy, salty bread sticks… just indescribable, and we ate as many of those as offered.  Grilled Lamb Porterhouse Chops and Grilled (16 spice) Chicken? Most delicious selections!  We are not usually fans of chicken breast, eat mostly thighs, but these were really how chicken should be done. And the lamb! Just juicy and grilly and lots of it! We were definitely satiated after this round. And again, the atmosphere and service around the bar was what we were looking for.

Overall, it has a somewhat chainy feel, but we found it fun and tasty with all of the food well prepared.  The prices were of course reflective of a restaurant of a known chef… in Caesar’s Palace…in Vegas… and I think that gives people a more critical opinion, but we feel you shouldn’t “missa” the MESA Grill… ugh, can’t believe I wrote that! It’s a little late for me to be writing this post… I promise to try to come up with better lines next time 😀

K&L 😀
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