Connecticut… you’re out of order!

blackduck2012Totally out of order! Because we have to go waaaaay back to October 2012 for the goods on this post, despite already writing up the new years festivities. So…we had designs on revisiting friends and food down Connecticut way again, as we had the summer before (see posts Connecticut Connections and Hangover Town: Table for 2 ), but the summer got away from us and October ended up being the last month in the calendar that we were willing to make the drive before the risk of snow was in the mix.

Plans fell into place and we set out on the road early on a Friday morning, late October. The travel was long, but without issue and we got to try subs from a place called Jreck Subs, recommended by some contractors in Home Depot just after we crossed the boarder and thought there may be a Subway in there like there are in Canada. Now let me just say that in the states on the highway, there is a Subway about every mile it seems, so no problem finding our old familiar friend, but why not try something different. We thought they were saying “Direct Subs” so it’s lucky we actually found the right place! Italian subs on jalapeno sub bun… very delicious and different.

After many hours of driving, including locating a wine store near our destination to procure important supplies, we arrived at the hotel.  A quick beverage and freshening up and off we went to visit friends and critters. We got an awesome welcome from all! Then off to haunt the Black Duck again… this time I remember the food, but forgot to memorialize it with pictures.  All I can say is make sure you have their blue cheese dip, never had one as good as theirs anywhere! Great food and company and some late night visiting.  Turns out I’m allergic to something at the new place our friends moved to, but it was so warm that we could actually sit on the porch, which was the only way I would have been able to stay.

*Unfortunately, about a week later the Duck was almost under water due to Hurricane Sandy, and our friends were without power for quite a few days. They of course got through it with their usual sense of humour and if you can’t change it, just get on with it attitude!

Back to hotel… LATE! But up at okay time. Found a squash court/fitness centre to enjoy so we spent some time there “detoxifying”… I mean working out. We then decided we were too hungry, and it was too late to go back and get ready to go for lunch, so we went straight to the Valencia Luncheria, the delicious home of arepas and guasacaca sauce noted in our hangover post. And it wasn’t there!!! Is this another Snacky’s??? Nope, the arrow said it was just down the street and bigger and better than ever. And now licenced! Woo hoo! Batidos and sangria please! Along with all the other favourites from last year.

Later on, we had another visit where we were introduced to one of our now favourite cheeses: bellavitano balsamic vinegar , try it! Then we tried to go to  Wilson’s BBQ featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives, but they were closing. So we found a pizza place, oddly named World’s John’s Best Pizza, and ordered a large so we could have some for breakfast, but ate the whole thing… it was that good.

The next morning found us at Super Duper Weenie for our second visit before hitting the road for home.  We had a Chicago dog again, tried a Californian dog, and had some of their fresh cut fries.  Very tasty, but not the level of deliciousness of our experience the year before, when we wolfed our first Chicago dog in the jeep. A good base however for the long trip ahead.

Made it back to the great white north safe and sound. Very much enjoyed Connecticut 2012! Should we get an unexpected urge to drive about 20 hours in the span of a couple of days, we would go back there for sure! Hopefully the Duck is dry!

K&L 😀
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Crazy for Caprese!

Trevi-ItalianI thought that L has stayed at the top of the blog long enough while acting out how I felt that day. So now onto what is the last Vegas post.  There were a lot more little mentions along the way, but we’d never get to all of the other great places that we’ve been to since our return!

So after I made it up and out on our last full night of our stay, we headed to Trevi-Italian, which is in the Forum Shops area at Caesars.  “Fresh” from our greasy afternoon fare, we were ready for something that didn’t need to compensate for the night before anymore.

Headed to the bar as we mostly do, it was surprisingly a more relaxing atmosphere there, as the tables in the “patio” dining area were close together, and just gated off from the mall near the large roaring “Fountain of the Gods”.  There were tables in the back beyond the bar though if you didn’t want to be at the bar, and didn’t want the noise and activity.

Service was prompt! We had some red wine since I was totally ready to get back on the vino horse again as it were… and ordered their Caprese Alla Trevi salad and an impossibly delicious sounding signature dish: Lasagna Pizza! Always pleased when reality even surpasses expectations.  The caprese was flavourful, and actually had more on the plate than most places we’ve ordered it, so happy with the portion size as well as the taste.  And the pizza? Dense, satisfying crust, excellent sauce, and lots sausage and cheese.  I see a homemade version in the superfoodies future.  We did not finish the pizza, but took a couple of slices back to the room, anticipating a quick morning bite before we had to check out (any kind of pizza for breakfast is a great start to the day in my book!)

We were a bit disappointed to have missed some of the food trucks that we had planned to visit, but overall, a really great food/drink adventure! Wish we could say the same about the casinos! But that’s another kind of blog.  Next up: from the food network, our first “You Gotta Eat Here” restaurant experience!

K&L 😀
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