Dam Good Tail!

BeaverTailsBeavertails! A staple of Ottawa’s “must experience” tastes, as evidenced recently when President of the US, Obama, requested one of the delicious fried pastries on his visit to the “great white (not always, we DO have summer ya know!) north!”  And as many times as I have been to our nation’s capital, I have never had one, nor had L.

So after we had stuffed ourselves silly at pretty much my favourite Ottawa pub, The Highlander, where we had the most phenomenal service, we started to walk back to the car… past the BeaverTails stand… and the suggestion was made.  It had already been made during the weekend, but after what we had consumed, I thought we’d give it a miss again.  But L was motivated and the decision was made.  If not, when!? Now was the time! Carpe BeaverTail! So after having passed this stand so many times over many years, up we went, and the order was placed while standing in a cloud of delicious deep fried pastry smell.  Chocolate spread and bananas was the choice of the day, though there were many tempting combos. And it was glorious! And suddenly… I had room to take as many bites as L could share.  As heavy as these big, flat paddle shaped treats sound, it felt nothing like that eating it.   

Finally my curiosity and L’s sweet tooth were satiated, and it was worth the detour.  So when in Ottawa, save some room, or don’t… apparently it doesn’t make a difference, and get some tail!

K&L 😀
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As Canadian as Apple Pie

Home made apple pieAlright all you sweets lovers, this is for you! My oldest makes a mean apple pie… apparently… I am not much of a sweets/dessert eater, so I believe I have only sampled it sporadically.  Don’t get me wrong, when I actually eat something of this persuasion, I usually enjoy it and can totally appreciate the great flavour BUT, I don’t crave it and I can stop pretty quickly (small mercy that I am grateful for… I don’t need another whole food area that I have to try to pretend doesn’t exist). Your cookies and chocolates are safe with me!

That being said: back to pie! The kiddo had been talking about it, and eventually promised L that she would make him one when she next was home, and that it would be the best apple pie he’d ever had. A tall order I think since he is a big fan of them and thus has lots of Home made apple piecomparative material.  Good as her word, she did make him one, it was the best he’s had, here is the recipe below, of course, and lastly the beautiful photographic evidence! (don’t you wish you could smell that through the screen??? )

K&L 😀

Apple Pie Recipe (click here!)