Old Homestead TartareThis post finds the superfoodies just beyond midnight on the first day in Vegas, after consuming delicious beverages (usually some combo of vodka and soda or wine), and roaming about, looking for a “snack”.  Oh and also not looking to wander too far from the hotel, which was Caesar’s. We had passed the Old Homestead Steakhouse a few times in our explorations, and the bar area sort of sits just off the walkways. L and I have discovered that we like to eat at the bar, chat with the bartender, get good, fast service etc. So in we went and sat down.  Vodka and wine ordered, we had a look at the menu and decided on Steak Tartare and Applewood Smoked Bacon. OH what a delicious combo to share! Just love the raw steak, the crisp little cracker/bread sticks and a little bite of delicious thick bacon. The perfect snack, and great, fun service. So enjoyable, in fact, that we went back another night for the same order.  No new choices, we just really loved this combination of flavours and the satisfied, yet not stuffed feeling that it provided.  After looking at the menu, there were probably alot of other fantastic things we would have tried. Yes, the prices are high, but I’m sure they count on people just saying “that’s Vegas” and that was absolutely our opinion too, so score one for Vegas I guess. But score again for us on the restraint on portions etc. but still loving what we had! Nothing wrong with staying lean and feeling great on the honeymoon!

K&L 😀
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Wastin’ Away

Margaritaville Vegasin Margaritaville! Our first Vegas post since it was the first place we ate… mostly because it was across the street, we were tired, and figured why not??? So it was time to put our new ideas about how to eat on vacation to the test. Our strategy was to split dishes/drinks, leave things that weren’t delicious, or should be delicious, and were sub par, and generally not eat if we weren’t hungry. That being said, we ordered one Havanas and Bananas frozen drink (banana, baileys, rum, coconut etc.), one crab corn chowder and one cuban sandwich with fries.  Oh and a glass of wine of course.  The drink, was divine, partly because we don’t usually indulge in those types of sugary concoctions and partly because it was just damn delicious.  We finished that no problem, it wasn’t terribly large.  Then onto the soup, also quite good, not 5 star quality, but tasty none the less, it didn’t stand much of a chance. Finally the cuban sandwich. Quite standard and did the job, but not one we would rave over.  The fries, well, they were underdone, not hot enough, and a little limp.  We managed to do the right thing and eat a few and then wait (as patiently as possible) for the rest to be removed from the table before old habits kicked in and they started to disappear one by one.

I would call our first exercise in restrained eating a success.  We had enough, we had things we wanted and we did not eat what wasn’t worth the calories.  I would recommend Margaritaville mostly for the name, but the food, and I say this of course with limited knowledge, I would only rate as passable.  I will add that the service was good.  All in all a happy start to the trip. Stay tuned for the rest of the Vegas posts, they are on their way as soon as I can write them!

K&L 😀
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Havanna Banana MargaritavilleCrab Corn Chowder Cuban Sandwich

superfoodies Recipe for Love

Banana Cake

mr. and mrs. superfoodies

Yes, I actually wrote “recipe for love”.  This post will of course be a bit mushy since it’s about us becoming mr. and mrs. superfoodies on June 1. Throw in 2 superfoodies, 2 families, some legal mumbo jumbo, good food, drinks and a cake (of course) and you have superfoodies recipe for love… and marriage! Aside from the torrential rain ALL DAY! everything went great. 

Started with a tough workout in the morning (L wants me to post a separate section of the blog about our food/excersice program that has resulted in alot of weightloss, good muscle growth, all the while eating fantastic foods and drinks) and feeling fit and very excited, we got ready for the big day.

After the ceremony, we all piled into a big SUV limo and took the family to our favourite local Italian restaurant, Fazio’s, where we enjoyed great food, wine and service, the cornerstones of our world! They even volunteered to call the chef in early to accommodate our 3 pm arrival time. 

We had some beef carpaccio, stuffed mushroom, their version of caprese salad, and delicious bread to start, followed by our go to meals at this particular place: gnocchi and cream dill sauce and tender osso buco, shared between us, of course. Only complaint was that the gnocchi, which are normally like eating soft little pillows in sauce, were just a bit tough, but the flavour was still there.

Everyone else had a great cross section of the menu including manicotti, supreme of chicken, veal chop, salmon, steak, duck! So many flavours! The food and service helped to make the day fantastic. I can’t say enough about how well it went. 

After dinner we headed back for some cake that we had made at the Sugar Chalet. Naturally it was banana cake, one of our favourites! Also had bavarian cream in the middle and butter cream icing. In fact it was so good, that L couldn’t stop talking about it on the Vegas honeymoon, just praying that the kids had put the rest in the fridge for our return. (they did!) So… have a look at the pics below and stay tuned for Vegas food times!

K&L 😀
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