Angostura Bitters

Angostura BittersTime for a quickie superproduct! superpost. Many of us have spotted the mysterious bottle on restaurant bars with the bright, yellow lid, and the badly applied white label. What exactly is it?? Angostura Bitters! And the oversized, badly applied label was a mistake when first manufactured, so they decided to keep doing it.

Anyway, as recommended by the good folks in Aruba, to soothe a troubled tummy, a few drops in some soda water (our go to beverage) was their prescription. Don’t know if it works in that regard, but we do love the taste, a different little kick to our usual soda that isn’t the standard lemon/lime, but still no added sugar/calories.  The first taste was jarring, and I didn’t think I’d like it… same for L I believe, but now we happily shake a few drops in our soda when the mood strikes, and enjoy it very much. There are also lots of different varieties of bitters as well. I’m sure you can find some delicious adult beverages that include this unique ingredient as well… this page: mybestcocktails seems to have quite a few! So get bitter for the holidays!


superproducts! sodastream

sodastreamWow, it’s been awhile since a superproduct has been posted so here we go! While this is not a food or drink itself, the sodastream is the creator of fantastic, on tap, low cost soda.  And when we say “soda” we actually mean just plain old, straight up carbonated water.

We were buying, and lugging, and storing, and consuming, and of course disposing of many bottles of soda every week.  Lots of bother, lots of space consumption, lots of waste, and lots of $. I had mentioned picking up one of these slick little units a while back… but L was not particularly enthusiastic, so we just didn’t bother. Eventually though, I pulled the idea out again and by this time, enough hassle had gone on that L was getting downright chipper about the prospect.

sodastreamI did a bit of research and price hunting and ended up buying the Genesis model, as I wanted to be able to use both the large and small bottles. Wow, what an immediate love affair! We just fill the bottles and keep them in the fridge, takes only a few seconds to turn them into our favourite beverage that doesn’t carry and alcohol percentage. We don’t drink from the bottles so we don’t need to wash them every day, and the sodastream itself really requires no maintenance, it doesn’t even require power. The only requirement is to pop in a CO2 cartridge once in awhile, and we get them as an exchange at Home Outfitters, and use a coupon, so the cost is only around $17 or so.

If you happen to like flavoured sodas, they have over 60 to choose from. We don’t drink em, so we can’t comment on the taste, but perhaps one of you good readers could send us any comments you may have from that side of the glass? Pick one up today and get your fizz on…

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superproducts! Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce

Swiss Chalet Dipping SauceTime again for a superproducts! post. These tend to appear after I look at something I’ve used A LOT and realize how damn good it really is.  This is exactly what happened this time.  We love Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce, which used to only be procured and consumed with the chicken from the same place. Now we can have it any time, in only minutes, and it tastes EXACTLY the same. The packaged version has even been improved since it came out (I think), it seems to mix with the water much better.

I actually used it in a bit of an unconventional way the other day though, and that’s what made me really take note of it’s awesomeness.  I was searching for some new flavour to throw into hamburgers, so I poured a whole package into the meat, after some hemming and hawing about how it might blend/taste. I did not tell L that this was the mystery ingredient. I wanted to see if he noticed anything different from our usual array of great, but typical combinations. Now for me, knowing what I was enjoying, I really could taste the essence of the sauce flavour… and it was GOOD! L asked unprompted what I had put in the meat, and when I told him he would never guess… and then told him what it was, he certainly agreed that he would have never pegged it, but really liked it too.  We will use it again for sure in burgers, but will keep using it in it’s intended form as well. Grab a handy pre cooked chicken from your grocery store and whip up some of this sauce and enjoy it yourself. If you have other ways you’ve used this superproduct, let us know!


This will be a fabulous new category of short and sweet posts about the most delicious product finds that will make your life more tasty or healthy or helpful… or any combination of those.  Hope that you enjoy them as much as we do 😀 and if you want to see them exclusively just click on the superproducts! category.  Soooo let’s get the fun rolling and start with a very new treat on the block: Fruttare Banana and Milk Pops!  We love banana and these are so creamy and soft with bits of banana in them, all for 120 calories a stick! Bought at Sobey’s, don’t remember the cost, 4 to a box. I’d pay anything they ask, they are superior! GO!

banana pop